ETS: De Anza OU Migration Project

De Anza Omniupdate Migration project, Saas to enterprise

Project Goals and Objectives

o Migrate the De Anza project development web site from SaaS to District VM platform by end of February, 2016.

o Extend District identity management system from Banner to OU and use District CAS/Shibboleth to authenticate the users.

o Maintain and build separate site entity of District, Foothill and De Anza web sites, the administration and security will be separated from each other.

o Publish the development web site to 3rd party production site (Vario) for production purpose.

Project Scope

o Migrate the current De Anza College web site as is to the District Enterprise server infrastructure.

o Maintain and build separate site entity for both colleges and district; identity and role will e provisioned from the Banner system, administrator and security level will be assigned within the OU.

o Migrate the faculty and staff web pages to the Enterprise infrastructure, provide SSO identity management capability through Banner/MyPortal to the staff/faculty OU pages.

o Maintain the production publishing capability and link to the 3rd party web hosting site (currently Vario), the modifications to the Vario hosting site infrastructure is not in scope of this project.

o Implement the Google analytics and content search functions.


Critical Success Factors

o On time delivery of the Enterprise production and testing incidences to receive De Anza development site by ETS

o On time delivery of the functional specification and analysis of the Single Sign On (SSO) and identity management system and timely approval by the team.

o On time cleanup of the De Anza web pages content by individual faculty and staff.

o On time delivery of the migration of De Anza web content from OU SaaS server to ETS infrastructure by OU team.

o Identify the key personnel to support the testing and maintenance of the future De Anza College web site.

o Timely approval of the web site content changes by the college management.

o Resources and time commitment of the project team members during the conversion period from the college.

User Training Materials


Technical Documents


Project Team Organization

Implementation Team

Estimated Project Timeline

o Functional specification and analysis – 5 weeks

o Staging and Configuration – 4 weeks

o Identity Management - 4 weeks

o Conversion of the web site – 5 weeks

o Documentation and testing - 3 weeks

o Go live and cleanup – 2 weeks


Project Meetings


Meeting Dates Agenda Minutes Announcements
 September 29, 2015    Minutes  
October 13, 2015   Minutes  
October 22, 2015 conference call with OU   Minutes  
November 3, 2015   Minutes  
November 10, 2015   Minutes  
November 17, 2015   Minutes  
December 1, 2015   Minutes  
January 5, 2016   Minutes  
January 12, 2016   Minutes  
January 19, 2016   Minutes  
January 26, 2016   Minutes  
February 2, 2016     Minutes  
February 9, 2016 canceled due to campus wide lockdown drill      
February 16, 2016   Minutes  
March 29, 2016   Minutes  
 April 5, 2016   Minutes  
April 19, 2016   Minutes  
April 26, 2016   Minutes  
May 3, 2016   Minutes  
May 17, 2016   Minutes  
May 24, 2016   Minutes  
June 14, 2016   Minutes  
July 12, 2016   Minutes  
August 16, 2016   Minutes  
August 30, 2016   Minutes