ETS: Foothill College Pilot for Canvas

Foothill college pilot for canvas 

Project Scope 

Full integration of Canvas with Banner to permit:

  1. Faculty requests for course site setup
  2. Automated roster refresh real time
  3. Single sign-on for students/faculty
  4. Complete the first 6 sections for the pilot project by September 17, 2015
  5. Submission of grades directly to Banner from Canvas by November 2015

Project Objectives

  1. Enrolled students and faculty will be able to use single sign-on for access to their Canvas accounts via MyPortal
  2. Faculty will be able to submit grades directly to Banner from Canvas
  3. Foothill Online Learning staff will be able to set permissions in INB>SIAINST>Employee>Profile for faculty to be able to request Canvas course sites via MyPortal (similar to process used for Etudes)
  4. Faculty will be able to request Canvas course sites each quarter via MyPortal (similar to process used for etudes "Configure ETUDES Preferences - Change active term, download test extracts, and turn the master on or off")

Critical Success Factors

  1. Coordination between ETS, Foothill College Online Learning and OEI
  2. Seamless experience for students to access Canvas course sites for classes within one hour of enrollment
  3. Team members' participation of weekly implementation team meetings.
  4. Functional users participation in testing and certification of program.

Critical Milestones

Tasks Completion Date Responsibility
Completion and sign off of functional specification  7/15/2015 Deepa
Interface between Banner and Canvas ready; including SSO, Portal channel, system configuration.  Admin for Judy to pick term, Faculty has been trained and has permission to request sites. 8/3/2015 Matt
Testing of the interface, channel between MyPortal and Canvas 8/4/2015 – 8/7/2015 Deepa, Judy
System turn over to FH on-line 8/10/2015 Judy
Completion of Roster and data migration to Canvas. Faculty completion of the course materials in Canvas. System ready for pilot testing (on-line instructions, web site changes, documentation in place) 8/31/2015 Matt, Judy, Jerrick
1st week of pilot testing 9/1/2015 – 9/4/2015 Deepa, Judy
2nd week of pilot testing 9/8/2015– 9/11/2015 Deepa, Judy
System go live (open to students) 9/17/2015 All



User Training Materials


Technical Documents

Canvas Admin Guide

Project Team Organization

Implementation Team


Project Meetings


Date Minutes Comments
 May 18, 2015  Minutes  
 June 17, 2015  Minutes  
 July 14, 2015  Minutes  
August 5, 2015 Minutes  
August 12, 2015 Minutes  
September 23, 2015 Minutes