ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

June 1, 2016 10-11 am 

Attendees:   Joe Moreau, Sharon Luciw, Kelly Pettit, Marty Kahn, Chien Shih,  Claire Chang, Deepa Prasad, Linda Koyama 

  1. Review of last meeting minutes
      2. Highlights
          1. Joe's trip to Microsoft
              1. New tool called "DELVE".
              2. E5 license.
              3. Take advantage of MS Azure to move AD to cloud.  Joe would like to see this move forward.
              4. MS new update on Mac and Windows client
          2. OneDrive client status update:  Good instructions available for Mac.  When installing on Windows, both Onedrive for Business and personal Onedrive appears.  John has another set of instructions for Sharon to review.  Joe will test setting up the personal Onedrive.  Once sync is working, everything in tOnedrive will be duplicated in the Onedrive folder on their computer, which may create a disk problem.
  2. Discussion
    1. New issues?
        1. Kelly receives very few tickets regarding O365.
        2. Heidi had invited a part-time faculty to join her Yammer group but ran into a disparity problem between the faculty's email account and O365 account.  Deepa reported that when someone shares something in Yammer and you click on the link, it brings up a screen asking you to enter your email.  At the bottom there is a sign in link which should be clicked instead of entering the email; Once the is entered, you would be taken to our CAS page.  Best practice is to access through MyPortal.
        3. If you type in "Yammer" in the search box of your browser, it will automatically default to your fhda account.
    2. OneDrive
      1. 200G used
      2. Steady increase of usage; spike every quarter start.
    3. Yammer:  Some complained that it suddenly showed up without warning.  (True for ETS as well!)  The users weren't sure if it was officially endorsed by the district.
    4. Accessibility and Yammer:  Chien will invite Debbie Armstrong to help us test accessibility.
    5. A new tile, "Planner" has appeared for Chien.  Chien was curious to see if anyone else has this tile.
    6. Joe wanted us to think about putting together training material for new tiles so that the Call Center won't be bombarded with calls.
    7. One thing to consider with the new tools  is how much duplication there will be with other tools we support.
    8. Exchange to cloud preparation.  Will work on moving AD first. 
  3. Takeaway items
      1. Start to research moving AD to the Microsoft cloud.