ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2016 10-11 am 

Attendees:   Joe Moreau, Pam Eberhardt, David Ulate, Kelly Pettit, Marty Kahn, Chien Shih, Mahmood Hasan, Deepa Prasad, Linda Koyama 

  1. Review of Last meeting minutes
      2. Summary of the minutes
          1. OneDrive Sync status (not discussed)
          2. Sway – how to use by Heidi:  Chien emailed her instructions on how to share the link without authentication.
          3.  Part time faculty access granted for non assignment period:  Addressed by our staff; O365 will be available for one year before and after the most recent assignment for continuous access.
          4. Office apps download.  Only the most recent version is available for download for Mac or Windows.  Excel 2016 for the Mac still has issues, so we don't want to roll it out for our users.  On hold until these issues have been resolved.
  2.   Joe's report from Microsoft:  
    1. They are doing an enormous O365 integration with Canvas.  Office 365 understands the concept of a class roster and can build resources around it using Canvas.  De Anza will be deciding, as early as next week, whether to use Canvas.  If they move to Canvas, they will use this summer to get Canvas up and running and use the next academic year to start the migration and be fully on board by fall 2017.
    2. Bringing out a new Mac client version for O365.  New tablet clients will be coming out for iOS and Android.  They will be accelerating the Mac and PC client refresh cycle to identify problems, fixing them and pushing them out.
    3. A new tool called Delve which allows you to have a visualized views of files (tiles, with basic info about the file, a preview of what's in it). 
    4. Analytics for work habits and time management.  Statistics about how much time you spend reading and responding to email.
    5. Improved security for Exchange in the cloud, including spyware detection, bad link trapping, attachment scanning.  When we are ready to make that move, we may be able to possibly discontinue Proofpoint.
    6. New license bundle, E5, will include email  encryption, e-discovery tools for litigation support, security monitoring of cloud apps and cloud credentials.
    7. New version of Skype called Skype meeting broadcast which can accommodate up to 10,000 viewers.
    8. It may be advantageous to move active directory to Azure cloud service, which can help detect misuse of passwords.  Also has the option to pay for a service to set up a data center backup but we will only get charged when activated, replacing our DR backup in Carlsbad.
    9. Automatic captioning in Azure is coming soon, moving towards 508 compliance.
    10. Microsoft responded to our feedback with either that it has been fixed or will be addressed in future releases. 
    11. We need Microsoft to come to us so that they can learn more about us, because we are the biggest system.
  3. Discussion of current issues.  
      1. Storage usage is on the increase.
      2. Marty reported that there were comments on the slowness of the upload speed for large files. 
      3. Yammer now available.  Close to 300 users already.  Examples of current usage:  Alex Harrell from De Anza created an tech task force group for accreditation. Paul from the Foothill Library created a discussion group to redesign the ePrintit Kiosk touch screen, including the vendor.  Luminus 5 team will be created to capture feedback for future design.  It can sort by document type, discussion thread, and is searchable.  Can upload videos, jpeg files, and powerpoint.  No need for a usage policy at this time.
      4. De-commissioning in KACE (not discussed)
  4. Takeaways
      1. Start the conversation of Moving Exchange email and calendar to the Cloud.  Does a hybrid solution make sense, keeping the history locally but any new emails will be in the cloud?  For the next meeting, we can ask internal and external experts to start the conversation.  Not urgent; would like to do this before we need to replace the hardware.  One thing to consider is retrieving e-mail history for legal matters, possibly having a special option for search capability for our HR folks or our attorneys.
      2. Start looking at options of Moving AD to Azure or AWS, including improvements to our CAS/Shibboleth authentication, with two factor authentication, possibly using a pin, when we move to Luminus 5.