ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

May 4, 2016 10-11 am 

Attendees:   Sharon Luciw, Kelly Pettit, John Vandercook, David Ulate, Chien Shih, Claire Chang, Deepa Prasad, Linda Koyama 

  1. Chien reviewed the last meeting's minutes with updates:
      1. Matt, Ryan and Claire finished the auto provisioning process for new employees.
      2. De-provisioning process:  Joe is meeting with Microsoft this week and will ask them how long the data in Onedrive will be available once we deprovision the license?
      3. O365 has been added to the category in the KACE ticketing. 
      4. Modification for provisioning the channel for part-time faculty:  They will continue to have access if they have had an active assignment within the past 12 months. 
      5. One drive sync
          1. Almost finished the Mac Instructions; works well, however, quite lengthy due to many screen shots.
          2. Running into glitches for PC.  When you do the install, two folders appear, Onedrive for Foothill De Anza and Onedrive Personal (shortcut that can be deleted).  For testers, the Onedrive Personal disappeared with no user intervention.  Still finalizing the documentation with Sharon's help.
          3. Once the documentation is ready, designated ETS staff will test; we will then ask select users to test.
          4. Sharon's team is also working on a standard operating procedure to deploy the sync on new Mac computers with new OS and Office 2016.
      6. Once the sync is working, Chien informed us that you can share using a local version of word after you log into O365 from MyPortal; you don't need to go to O365.  
  2. Recent Issue sharing a SWAY link:  Heidi King had a questions regarding sending out the SWAY link for internal employees only. It seems to ask for authentication twice.  Marty had placed the link in MyPortal;  Deepa suggests to launch O365 first from MyPortal and then click the link.  It should not ask for a second authentication.  Chien and Deepa will reply to Heidi.  

  3. Part-time faculty support of O365.  Heidi and Kelly have been notified.

  4. De-Provisioning process:  
      1. We will wait to hear back from Joe after his meeting with Microsoft.  
      2. Marty suggests to have an official letter from HR or ETS to let them know how long their content will be available to them and that they are responsible for their content as of the last day of their employment.
      3. Sharon and Kelly are working on the exiting process and de-commissioning documentation. It was suggested to attach copies of the policies to the exiting work request including the email policy.  
      4. Marty suggested to have text on the O365 log in page as well.
  5. Office apps download:  Will work on sync first.  The concern is that they'll install the 2016 Office apps on their district computer and replace what's there.