ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

April 6, 2016 10-11 am 

Attendees:   Sharon Luciw, John Vandercook, Chien Shih, Lisa Hocevar, Mahmood Hasan, Claire Chang, Linda Koyama 

  1. Onedrive sync:  
      1. John is finalizing user instructions for PC (Windows 7 or higher) and Mac (must be 10.9 or higher).  He will add the documentation in the ETS team site under "ETS library".  He is looking for feedback for any missing steps or more info to make it clear for the user.
      2. Alpha Testers for Mac:  Sharon, Kelly, Claire, Pam
      3. Alpha Testers for Windows:  Linda, Hasan, Lisa, Marty
      4. Rollout schedule:
          1. All of ETS by mid-April
          2. To the superuser group by end of April
          3. Entire district end of May
  2. Matt, Ryan and Claire finished the auto provisioning process for new employees. 
  3. De-provisioning of license process 
      1. Template in progress;  not urgent since there is no limit on the number of licenses
      2. We need to establish a policy to let people know how long we will keep their data
      3. We need to find out about Microsoft's backup strategy and legal holds (response time)
      4. We will request pricing from Druva
      5. Currently not getting rid of the data, just cutting off access
      6. Claire said there is a manual way to give the manager access to the account 
  4. We will need to consider a policy for part-time faculty to use the OneDrive for Business sync.  It most likely will speed up migrating to a new computer.
  5. Usage Statistics:  Chien reported that the usage for team sites and Onedrive is increasing.  Usage is seasonal, drops during the break.  
  6. Work-in-progress:  Exiting process using KACE
  7. Take away items:
      1. Sharon will verify that O365 has been added to the category in the KACE ticketing
      2. Claire is modifying the provision of the channel for part-time faculty who come and go so that they will continue to have access to O365