ETS: Server Virtualization


1. Project Goals and Objectives

Implement the Primary and Secondary VM Server virtualization sites by December 2014. Start creating new project VM's on an ongoing basis and plan on migrating Banner and other older servers to VM environment tentatively by Dec 2014 to Mid-Year 2015 timeframe.

2. Project Scope

-Reduce L7 Data Center floor space by migrating older critical server to VM
-Not purchase any standalone servers anymore only use VM
-Migrate Banner/EIS platform to VM
-Setup a working nearline DR and offsite DR site where practical after all servers on VM
-Setup a comprehensive nearline and offsite/cloud Backup solution for all servers on VM

3. Critical Success Factors

-Implement Primary VM server site in L7 and Secondary site in ATC by Dec 2014
-All New Projects hardware will only use VM Server platform
-Have a stable VM server environment with full backup and recovery capabilities
-Have a plan on Banner and Older Server migration and start implementation

4. User Training Materials

VMware Education
VMware Training Top Free Courses

5. Technical Documents


VMware Documentation
VMware Server Documentation
Technical White Papers - VMware
VMware vSphere Documentation
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Documentation

6. Project Team Organization


Chien Shih, Mahmood Hasan, Jerrick Woo, Norbert Debler, Ryan Anthony,
Christopher Dubeau, Bao Pham, Linda Koyama