ETS: Desktop Virtualization



Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Project:

The goal of the Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure Project is to replace the "fat" client desktop computers with thin client devices. These thin client devices will connect to a virtualized desktop environment on a server. Two pilots will be conducted, the first being in the De Anza Language Art computer lab. The second will be located at Foothill College, the specific lab yet to be determined.

This type of environment will reduce the need for the 5 year refresh of the desktop computers. The thin clients will remain in use until an equipment failure, at which time, it will be quickly swapped out for a working device or there is a major technology change and replaced more modern equipment to support the academic environment needs. This technology moves the work normally performed at the end point to a backend server. It does not necessarily lesson the amount of work and support required to maintain computer labs and classrooms. The complexity increases for the support staff managing the server environment.

There is an increase in flexibility with this environment. For example: A part time faculty member is hired close to the start of a quarter and they have a need for a particular software package that is not included in the current desktop compliment of software. This addition to the current software image, that was developed, tested, and deployed over a period of weeks, will require overtime hours to integrate into the existing image and deploy to the desktop computers. The ETS staff will need to also work around the class schedule.

With a virtualized environment, the time is shortened to integrate new software packages into the environment, by avoiding the need to push/copy the updated software image to the end point desktop computers. The application can be made available without having to work around class schedules to install the software onto the end point computers.

Project Goals and Objectives:

- Successfully complete a VDI Pilot: for each Campus; Includes:

ETS Staff Training


Configuration, Testing

Project FAQs


Key Milestones

- Hardware Acquisition: Completed December 2013

- VMWare and UniDesk Software License Acquisition: Completed December 2013

- Initial VMWare ETS Staff Training: January 2014

- DELL EqualLogic Training: Pending

- DELL Hardware Rack and Stack Services: Tentative: February 2014

- VMWare Professional Services configuration and implementation of Language Arts VDI: Tentative: February 2014

- Testing Language Arts VDI Environment: March/April 2014

- Language Arts VDI go live: Spring Term 2014