ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

August 3, 2016 10-11 am 

Attendees:  Kelly Pettit, Marty Kahn, David Ulate, Chien Shih, Claire Chang, Deepa Prasad, Linda Koyama 

  1. New tiles "Planner" and "Forms" are available for some users, not all.  Chien will look into it.

  2. Sync status:  Chien would like to add a timeline for a roll out plan for certain pilot users (ETS dept.?) to test and provide feedback.   Will depend on the Desktop team's plan for Windows 10.   Chien will touch base with Sharon and John.  It works well for Deepa in Windows 7 and for Chien in Windows 10.  Only drawback is the need to log in again in the case of timing out.  For Claire's new district computer, it came with Onedrive already installed.  Users are asking when sync will be available (Facilities, deans).

  3. Latest news
      1. Secondary authentication for our critical systems (Banner, INB, possibly O365 Onedrive):  It will not require another password, but  you will need to have an additional device (land line, iphone, tablet).  When you log in, it will prompt you for your preferred device.  You will need to approve the sign in on this other device. It ill be routed through a private, temporarily meshed, constantly changing channel for VPN.  Originally requested by De Anza's Omniupdate users who need to log in remotely.  Eric Spear from IR is also requesting access to our system and will pilot test SOHA VPN.  ETS is currently looking into possible solutions.  Will need to evaluate impact, schedule and roll out.
      2.  Two new TEAs will start Monday, Aug. 8th, in Chien's group.
  4. On-line training documentation and video have been very helpful for first time users; we appreciate the hard work by Kelly, Deepa, Heidi and Marty.
  5. Current Statistics  
      1. 48,329 files stored in Onedrive  
      2. 873 active users  
      3. 15 team sites  
      4. 288 Yammer accounts 
  6. Accessibility compliance:  Chien has reached out to Deborah Armstrong to review and waiting for feedback.
  7. Everyone should be on the distribution list for Microsoft's New Features.