ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

July 13, 2016 10-11 am 

Attendees:   Claire Chang remotely; Joe Moreau, Kelly Pettit, Marty Kahn, Chien Shih, Deepa Prasad, Linda Koyama 

  1. Sync status:  Sharon's group is finalizing the instructions for Windows.  The Windows sync sets up two Onedrives, one for business and one for personal.  The instructions will need to include what to do if you don't already have a personal Onedrive or you don't want to have your personal Onedrive synched to your business computer.

  2. Feedback
      1. Joe spoke to Lorrie Ranck about the Forms tile to see if there were any problems having it appear suddenly.  She was happy that it is available and plans to use it.  Heidi is working on documentation and training for the Forms.  De Anza has also used SWAY for their on-line orientation.
      2. Chien will look into the new Planner tile.
      3. Every Sunday the O365 administrators receive updates from Office365.  Joe would like to create an alias so that it is distributed to a broader audience within ETS.  Kelly will work with Claire on this.
      4. Recent statistics:  Approximately 40,000 files currently stored in Onedrive, 830 active users and 253 Yammer accounts.  Chien will share this info with Joe.

  3. Accessibility compliance
      1. Chien posted an invite to Deborah Armstrong to have her take a look at O365 from an accessibility standpoint.
      2. California law states that all web-based resources for community colleges need to be Section 508 and WCAG 1.0 compliant.  The federal government is currently updating the Section 508 standards.  They are likely to adopt WCAG 2.0 and the higher standard may go into effect as soon as October but there will be a grace period after adoption (6 months-24 months?).  We will need to make sure that O365 keeps up-to-date with compliance.  All applications including home grown applications and KACE need to be compliant.  Omniupdate has an accessibility check for its webpages.
      3. OEI is looking at a new product called ALLY out of Ireland, which is an accessibility checker which automatically fixes compliance problems.  For issues that it can't automatically fix, it will give instructions on how to correct it.  It can live within a course management system like Canvas and automatically check instructor materials.  
  4. Requests for team sites:  Hasan is training Katia to create team sites with Claire's help.

  5. Adoption:  Some faculty are not using O365 because they would like to use it to share documents with students.  Since both campuses are moving to Canvas and our license is unlimited, it will be a better avenue to share info with students.  Microsoft is also doing a huge integration between O365 and Canvas.  We need to find out more details.

  6. There was discussion pertaining to Microsoft's move towards a single identity in the cloud for users that cross reference your identity over different applications.