ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2015 10:30-11:00 a.m. 

Participants :   Tom Armstrong remotely, Roseanne Sciacchitano, Chien Shih, Mahmood Hasan, Deepa Prasad, Claire Chang, Linda Koyama

  1. The document library structure has been set up for  drawings.  We are asking Tom and Roseanne to play around, upload documents, and to pass on any questions or concerns to Deepa and Claire.  
  2. The facilities staff will meet on Friday to talk about the means and methods of how to upload documents.
  3. Template repository for standard forms:  
    1. It is possible to limit  folder access to only certain people.
    2. Facilities will need to meet to discuss the desired folder structure. 
    3. Roseanne can send a preliminary structure to Deepa so that ETS can apply it and make it available for them to play with it.
  4. Facilities can now create subsites using the templates that the consultant has created, which includes a discussion group, calendar, and task list.
  5. Maximum storage limit for the district is 500 terabytes.
  6.  Roseanne, Deepa and Claire will need to meet to discuss how the permissions and access levels are managed.
  7. Chien is asking if Facilities is happy with what has been delivered so far.  We need to stop changes at some point, to begin training.  Only Roseanne and Tom have seen it so far.  MS Project will be installed for five computers in Facilities (Tom, Jennifer, Art; Roseanne can't use it because she has a Mac).  Tom needs to submit a ETS ticket to have it installed on his computer.  25 more cloud licenses have been purchased by ETS.  
  8. Claire changed Tom's access because he couldn't see what Claire was showing.  
  9. After the Friday meeting, Roseanne will send the list of Facilities staff with the desired access level. 
  10. Hard copy documents need to be reviewed and uploaded; huge endeavor.