ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

May 27, 2015 10:30-11:00 a.m.


Participants :   Patrick Okula, Anthony Kapitanski, Jerry Sauder and Arun Chhaptar remotely, Chien Shih, Mahmood Hasan, Deepa Prasad, Claire Chang, Linda Koyama

  1. Introduction of participants:  On the Sada side, Arun will be the project manager, Jerry Sodder will be lead software engineer, Patrick Okula will be the point of contact.  Chien Shih, director of IT and Operations, Mahmood Hasan, supervisor of the project management office and will be the project lead and point of contact on the ETS side, Deepa Prasad, our project analyst, who works with our users to develop the specifications, Claire Chang, our technical consultant, and Linda Koyama who will handle the logistics. 

  2. Where we are
    1. Sada has received the specifications document. 
    2. The high level structure of the team site has been completed. 
    3. ETS still need help setting up the access details and training.
    4. Floor plans will no longer be part of the requirements.  Deepa will update the requirement specifications and will forward to SADA by the end of today.
    5. The zip file sent by Deepa has the folder structure needed for the project site. The users mentioned that they may want to simplify the folder structure;   Deepa will touch base with the users and either confirm that we will go with the forwarded structure or an updated structure.
    6. The one drive provisioning still needs to be done. 
    7. The active directory has been setup, using SAML version 2.  Accounts are synched on an hourly basis.  The Office365 licenses have been assigned for the five Facilities accounts. 
    8. Once the Facilities Site is up and running, the ETS department will be next (50 to 60 users).  Eventually it will be made available to the entire district, approximately 4000-5000 accounts.
    9. Go live date for Facilities targeted June 15th.
  3. Expectation of SADA
    1. ETS needs support when we run into technical issues. 
    2. We need SADA to help train the trainers (not included in the first engagement, unless there are leftover hours remaining). 
    3. ETS needs help to compile a strategic roadmap on how to roll it out to other departments (not included in this first engagement).
    4. Phase II help moving e-mail and calendar to the cloud.  Chien would like to know how to integrate the on-premises e-mail and calendar with Office365.  Chien will touch base with Anthony offline to discuss further.
    5. Main focus will be to get the Facilities Site up and running, including sharing and work flow.
    6. Chien would like to make sure that our people are trained sufficiently so that we feel comfortable with the knowledge transfer with change management  and technical admin. documentation.  Will require a change order which might result in additional required hours.  If there are hours left over from the technical set up, we will apply it for other things.
    7. One technical issue encountered: When people log into our portal and they log off, we are not able to log off of Office365.
  4. Next step:  
    1. We currently have meetings set up with the Facilities users twice a week.  Will be up to Hasan when to include SADA to participate through Arun. 
    2. SADA doesn't want to just be on call but actively involved.
    3. We would like to request invoices from SADA bi-weekly or monthly (preferrable) that lists billable hours and what tasks were worked on.
    4. Arun will send LInda the list of SADA participants, along with their e-mail and phone numbers.
    5. We need to set up two two-hour sessions for an initial discussion to find out exactly where we are, hopefully this week. 
    6. Weekly 15 minute touchpoint meetings will be set up with either Arun or Patrick to touch base on a project management level.  Would like the contact with users limited to 15 minutes; focus on meeting with ETS technical folks.
    7. Arun will send us Jerry's availability for the next two weeks in order to block off two hour dedicated time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    8. Linda will send Claire's availability to Arun. 
    9. Credential Criteria sheet will be sent from SADA.