ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

May 22, 2015 9:30-10:30 a.m.


Participants :   Tom Armstrong and Vedran Jagodic remotely, Roseanne Sciacchitano, Mahmood Hasan, Deepa Prasad, Claire Chang, Linda Koyama

  1. Folders:  Currently there are 3 top-level folders under documents for the Facilities Site, one for  De Anza, Foothill and Middlefield.  We need to change the Middlefield to District and need to add two more folders for Middlefield and Education Center (Vedran changed it during the demo).  We will add the Education Center building subfolders in the future.

  2. Vedran walked through the Facilities Team Site.  He went through a demo for uploading a document.  The documents are searchable.  It is possible to assign a unique document ID to each document.  This feature has not been enabled yet; a naming convention for the prefix needs to be decided.  Version comments are not mandatory but is suggested to be used.  The file name can be modified but the extension is not modifiable.  The title will show up on the site, as opposed to the filename. Going to the specific document, clicking the three dots, you can share with the team. You can give read only or edit rights.  You can add a message that will accompany the e-mail (e-mail is optional).  When the person you are sharing the document with receives the e-mail, a link to the document will be provided within the e-mail.

  3. Vedran also demonstrated how the newsfeed works within your personal Onedrive space which will follow changes.

  4. To share with external users, they will need a windows Microsoft Live account. Can we share a link to the document? Or can we e-mail them the document?  Vedran said that it will take some steps on the back end to take into account security and policy.  We can share documents with everyone within the district who now have an Office365 account.

  5. You can have a local copy of your desktop documents using the sync option.  Also there is a drag and drop option.

  6. Claire informed us that to use OneDrive you will need to install separate software on your desktop to use it.  

  7. We need to determine the storage requirement  for the team site.  There are approximately 40 people in Facilities with most needing only read access.

  8. Links can be sent to a mobile phone that have a QR code scanner software.

  9. If you change the folder names and you have many documents in it already, the links may break.  For new folder names, it was recommended not to have spaces in the name.

  10. Vedran also recommended not to go too deep with folder creations.  He recommended that we create a new library for floor plans with a different access level.

  11. You can copy an existing library structure by opening both libraries in internet explorer and drag and drop the folders in the new empty library.  You do not need to sync in the cloud.

  12. Several groups have been created.  Team members can upload and modify documents in existing libraries.  Owners can change structures, permssions, add libraries and manage users (Roseanne was added as an owner).  Visitors have read only access and must have an Office365 account.  There is a way to grant access to external users.

  13. Roseanne will need an easy way to temporarily sharing drawings with external users similar to drop box by possibly sharing a link.  ETS will need to investigate.

  14. Deepa shared with Roseanne that she has updated the specs according to Roseanne's updates.

  15. For the floor plans, Roseanne said that you won't need to replicate the drawings folder structure; only one folder per location:  (De Anza, Foothill, Middlefield, District, Education Center).

  16. Roseanne is okay with the delivery date change to June 15, 2015.

  17. Next steps:  
    1. Roseanne will start to upload a few documents into the building subfolders to see how it works.
    2. Vedran will finish adding the building subfolders for Middlefield and will send a confirmation when he is finished.
    3. Roseanne will send Deepa a simplified folder structure for the project workspace.
    4. Roseanne will verify the floor plan security   and the folders for floor plans (no need for individual building folders, only one folder for each site) with Steve.
    5. Claire will enable the licenses for Tom Armstrong and Jennifer Mahato.
    6. Deepa will send Roseanne the FNTI contact.
    7. Roseanne will start to work on the project template structure.
    8. Next meeting:  May 26th at 9:30 a.m. in D260.