ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

March 25, 2015 1-2 p.m.


Participants :  Mike Faster, Dan Knowlden by phone, Steve Kitchen, Tom Armstrong, Art Heinrich, Roseanne Sciacchitano,  Susan Boraston, Jennifer Mahato, Sharon Luciw, Chien Shih, Mahmood Hasan, Lisa Hocevar, Jose Rueda, John Vandercook, Kelly Pettit, by phone, Ryan Anthony, Matt Rayczynski, Bao Pham, Chris Dubeau, Deepa Prasad, Linda Koyama

  1. Mike reviewed the project objectives and scope
    1. Provide the Facilities Department with a Office 365 Team site for the purposes of collaboration and document sharing (using approx. 25% of Office365 capabilities, storage is unlimited)
    2. Provide Single Sign on to the Office 365 Team site(use same AD account and password)
    3. Teach Facilities Dept. how to load and share documents on the Team Site
    4. Do all of the above within 32 hours of consulting time (within 2 months)


  2.  Dan went over the Work Break Down for the 32 hours contracted with Coyote Creek.  
    1. Build & configure Directory Synchronization – 8 hours (to use MyPortal login)
    2. Configure School O365 tenant portal – 8 Hours
    3. Team Sites Requirements Gathering (number of calendars, number of document depositories, what apps facilities would like to plug in).  Coyote Creek will provide information from the Microsoft's website regarding the capabilities, sample team sites (sharing schedules, Microsoft Project)  – 4 hours
    4. Build Team Site – 4 hours
    5. Training and Tuning – Can follow specific documents so that you'll be updated of any changes to the document, how create team libraries, how to collaborate and edit documents, can create lists, calendars and other templates, how to sync a document library to your computer -  4 Hours
    6. Support – 4 hours
  3. We will need to have enough licenses for both facilities and ETS (25 total?)

  4. Mike went over the critical success factors:
    1. Facilities Department can use their school AD account and password to log into the Office365 team site; Chien assured Facilities that it will be secure.
    2. Facilities has a team site built to share documents inside and outside the school
    3. Facilities has been trained and shown how to:
      1. Follow people, documents, and tags to keep informed about activities and updates
      2. Create team sites and document libraries to keep documents organized
      3. Control who can see your documents, inside and outside your organization
      4. Collaborate on Office documents like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
      5. Create lists, calendars, and templates that your whole team can use
      6. Sync a document library to a folder on your computer, so you can easily get to your files
    4. Facilities has a team site that may not meet all of their complete requirements, but is useful, and points the way towards what can be accomplished with Team sites
  5. Whatever is built, you can continue to use it after the pilot.  You start out with a base Foothill - De Anza Team Site. Then you can create a Facilities Site or an individual's site. You can create as many sites as you'd like, as long as you have an Office365 license.

  6. Dan went over the Preliminary Milestones
    1. Implement Directory Synchronization between School AD and Office365 by 4/10/2015
    2. Meet with Facilities Stake holders to determine use case and functionality for team site by 4/17/2015
    3. Build Facilities team site by 5/1/2015
    4. User Training delivered to Facilities by 5/15/2015
    5. Acceptance Testing by 5/22/2015
    6. Go Live by 5/29/2015
  7. There won't be much testing required; the most important part is defining what the Facilities department needs.  Milestone dates are preliminary; dates are flexible.  

  8. They will help determine where to store documents and set-up security, who can see what.  Facilities will use their MyPortal log in and password; ETS assures that it will be secure.

  9. At the end of the pilot project, Facilities will have a bare bones structure to upload, store and share documents and at a later date, and at a future point they can add other capabilities.  

  10. Designing a project site template may be something for phase II. 

  11. Facilities will have a quick meeting to determine the regular team members  by the  end of week.
  12. Facilities will also let ETS know a convenient time and day for a weekly schedule.