ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

December 16, 2015 11:00 a.m.-noon 

Attendees:   Sharon Luciw, John Vandercook, Marty Kahn, Kelly Pettit, Pam Eberhardt, Chien Shih, Claire Chang, Deepa Prasad, Linda Koyama

  1. Feedback from Monday's go live:
      1. Introductory video already had 50 views!
      2. Kelly has only received one call so far.
      3. Chien received 10 emails regarding O365:
          1. They are interested in O365 but they are not active employees (TEAs, students or retirees).  If temps really want it, their supervisors need to approve it and then we will provision their accounts.
          2. Some are inquiring about downloading O365 to their personal computers.
          3. Some are wondering if sync is working.
      4. Some simple edits need to be made in Heidi's documentation.  Chien sent thanks to Heidi for all her hard work on the documentation.
      5. We provisioned approx. 2,700 licenses so far; 3,300 remain.
      6. We received one ticket for a new employee who did not have access to O365. 
  2. Matt and Ryan are working on autoprovisioning O365 for new employees.
  3. We need to determine how to deprovision accounts so that we do not exceed our limit.
      1. There needs to be a procedure where data can be copied into a folder in the manager's onedrive.
      2. Claire revoked her own license and regranted it and her data was still there; however, we don't know how long it will be retained.
      3. Before the employee leaves, it should be his/her responsibility to take any needed information with him/her.  After they leave, it will be up to the manager to decide what to do with the data left behind.  Is it possible to copy the data into a folder in the manager's onedrive?
      4. It is difficult to determine when to reclaim the license.  It is difficult to know if the employee will return.
      5. If we allow employees to download O365 (add not replace) to their personal devices, those copies will no longer be available as well when the employee leaves the district.
      6. Sharon will start a shared Word document on the exiting procedure for the O365 decommissioning process, including HR. We will need to work with HR to educate the employee who is leaving. It can be available on the O365 info page.  We will need to have it in place before fall quarter.  We will recommend not to use it for personal info.
      7. It should be treated as an extension to the desktop's hard drive disc space and any data in O365 is a district resource.
  4. Chien reported that the industry's future best practice is to move the authentication to the Microsoft active directory in the cloud.  There will no longer be a Portal sign in page; instead it will be a Microsoft log in page.  We need to investigate further.  Is there a hybrid solution available?  We need to consider performance.  Metrics such as geo tagging and typing velocity are in the works in the future for another level of security.

  5. Kelly suggested to gather metrics on how many have authenticated for our next meeting.  

  6. We will extend the weekly meetings through January 2016.