ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2015 11:00 a.m.-noon 

Attendees:   Sharon Luciw, Lisa Hocevar, Kelly Pettit, Marty Kahn, Pam Eberhardt, Chien Shih, Mahmood Hasan, Deepa Prasad, Claire Chang, Linda Koyama

  1. Project Status
      1. Feedback:  Heidi is keeping us aware of issues that she is encountering by posting them on the discussion group, i.e. ADA compliance issues for the online version of word and uploading templates. 

      2. Chien has sent reminders to our super user group encouraging them to use and test O365 and to give us their feedback on the discussion board.

      3. Version History:   When you are real-time coediting with someone else, there are markers on the document showing who made the changes.  It is possible to revert back to a previous version if the updates are not desired.

      4. Onedrive and Office sync:  Claire heard back from Microsoft and confirmed that in order to make it work even in Office 2016, it currently requires modifications to the registry key which we do not want to do at this time.  Joe is planning to meet with Microsoft headquarter upper management to voice our needs and concerns. 
      5. Textboxes, images, equations, graphs and charts cannot be edited in word online; it must be downloaded, modified and then uploaded again to Onedrive.  In the viewer it looks fine but if you try to edit online, your images are gone.  More reason to see sync working.

      6. Sharon had trouble saving an Onedrive excel spreadsheet in the cloud that was opened and modified in a desktop version of excel.

      7. Kelly, Marty and Heidi are working on a customized training video.  Marty will follow up with Heidi.  Target to be ready by 12/14/15.

      8. CAS screen still pops up occasionally-Matt is investigating.

      9. In the De Anza lab on a shared computer, after logging out, and closing the browser, the next user logging into MyPortal and launching O365 will see the previous user's O365 account.  We need to make sure that all the windows were closed.  Heidi will try and replicate the problem.  Deepa will follow up with Heidi.

      10. ETS is working on autoprovisioning for the entire District's 3,600 users (Dec. 14th target date).  We need to think about how we will autoprovision licenses when new employees join the district.

      11. Chien is asking the team to further test Windows 10, Edge browser and O365.  If your MyPortal session times out, what happens if you have O365 opened?

      12. Heidi is composing a quick start user guide of O365.  We can add her documentation to our help page.  Heidi will be providing "Getting Started Workshops" noon-1pm for the first two weeks in January.

      13. Next challenge is provisioning document libraries to district groups; the challenge is that sharing doesn't necessarily follow the organizational structure.  Passive alternative is to create libraries on an as-needed basis.

      14. O365 for students.  Virtualized desktops will be used at the new education center in Sunnyvale; how can we provide cloud document storage for students?  Concerns:  Cost, maintenance,  ownership, management and support, equity issue, security.  Tabled for further discussion.  Will be discussed in the ETAC meeting today.

      15. Action items:
          1. Investigate problem Heidi reported at the MLC lab, logging into O365 on a shared computer and accessing the previous person's O365 account even though they had logged off.   Chien is asking Mac users to try and replicate.  Claire will share the reply from Microsoft support.

          2. Claire is working on getting enough Onedrive licenses and will keep Pam in the loop.  Currently working on combining Foothill and De Anza licenses into one.

          3. We need to test 2016 Mac and Windows version for sync; tech services will include Claire and work on testing. Need to test older machine's limitations with Microsoft 2016.