ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

October 28, 2015 11:00 a.m.-noon 

Attendees :  David Ulate, Sharon Luciw, Lisa Hocevar, Jose Rueda, Pam Eberhardt,  Kelly Pettit, Chien Shih,  Mahmood Hasan, Deepa Prasad, Claire Chang, Linda Koyama

  1. Project Status
      1. When collaborating on a document in Onedrive there are instances when changes made may not be desired; there is a version history to revert to but we are not sure how Microsoft defines a "version".  Elaine Kuo was wondering if Yammer would be advantageous to use (similar to a Facebook for the workplace).  Yammer is currrently disabled.  

      2. Claire created a new discussion group for users to post questions and comments or will contact Linda.

      3. 2016 Onedrive and Office sync:  Still waiting to hear back from Microsoft.  The registry in old versions of Office is hard coded to bring up the Microsoft sign in page , preventing CAS single sign on.   The workaround for sync is to open up onedrive and drag and drop the desktop file into onedrive for business instead of being automatically synched to the cloud.  Sharon would prefer to roll out Microsoft 2016 instead of modifying the registry.  Sharon was under the impression that Joe wanted to wait until the sync feature is available for Macs.  It may be possible to push Office2016 using  KACE.  
      4. Downloading the 5 free versions of Office:  Currently turned off.  Sharon does not want staff who have admin. rights to download it on their district computers.  The 5 free licenses are tied to the district.  Users may think that district support extends to downloaded versions on personal computers.  Needs further discussion.
      5. Kelly and Marty will work with the De Anza trainer (Heidi King) to possibly videotape a customized training for the district.
      6. Deepa will work on the template that Kelly sent for the newsfeed to test mobile devices.
      7. Occasionally the CAS log in will randomly pop up to sign in again after launching O365 from MyPortal  May want to add a warning in the training documentation.
      8. ETS is working on autoprovisioning.
      9. No plan to push out OS to Windows 10 on everyone's computer.
  2. To do list
  1. Claire will report back to the team once she hears back from Microsoft regarding sync for Macs. 
  2. We need to test 2016 Mac and Windows version for sync; tech services will include Claire and work on testing.  Concerns were voiced of older machine's limitations with Microsoft 2016.  Will need to test.
  3. We need to verify that the 61 super user's accounts are ready to deploy on Nov. 2nd.
  4. Chien will send out an email to the super users for our next roll out, detailing their responsibilities and privileges. Pilot testing will last through the month of November.  Everyone will have access to the global discussion group.