ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2015 11:00 a.m.-noon 

Participants :  Joe Moreau, Pam Eberhardt, Sharon Luciw, Kelly Pettit, Chien Shih, Jerrick Woo, Mahmood Hasan,  Deepa Prasad, Claire Chang, Linda Koyama

  1. Project Status
      1. ETS accounts have been provisioned
      2. Single sign on ready-log in via employee tab on MyPortal
      3. Team libraries have been set up
  2. To do list
      1. Unlimited storage on roadmap; not yet available.  Currently 1 TB per user.

      2. We are asking for help to test O365 on mobile devices and to submit feedback in the global newsfeed
      3. Still updating current training videos and documentation; looking for feedback.
          1. Chien and Deepa shared the documentation page that has a link from MyPortal called "Learn More".  Marty has added links to training videos available on  Deepa has been working on customized documentation in Confluence which covers how to log in, how to get to the online apps, differences between online word and desktop word, and how to use Onedrive.  The link to this confluence document will also be added to the Learn More page.  Deepa also included some helpful links from the Microsoft support site.
          2. The documentation also includes how to load Onedrive for Business for mobile phones.    One question that came up in the Opening Day Workshop was, "How do you turn off the sync function for your mobile phone so that you don't use your data plan?"  We need to investigate further if it includes sync and how to turn if off.
          3. Kelly suggested to have a table of contents with anchors on the page to jump quickly to specific topics.
          4. Claire suggested to add that on the CAS page the user must enter only the CWID, not
          5. We hope everyone will review and relay comments to Deepa.
      4. We need help testing the team libraries.  A library is a component of a site.  There are 5 team libraries, one for Sharon's group, one for Chien's group, one for David's group, one for managements and one for all of ETS.  Claire showed how to get to the document libraries to share documents with your teams.  Anything shared is visible to all members in that library.  Currently everyone in ETS has read access to all the libraries but only write access to the group library that they belong to.  For Management, only Joe and Pam have write access; will need to add Sharon and Chien.  Will change network to network and client services or (CS).  Folders within the document library can have limited read/write access.  Claire needs the specifications for owners, administrators and layout of libraries and folders.  Supervisors will be trained on access and permissions.

      5. Next week there will be a general O365 training for ETS and it will be recorded by Marty.

      6. Sharon suggested that all of ETS should test mobile.

      7. Chien can help test the interaction of FHDA O365 and personal O365.

      8. Preparing for the next group of super users:  Suggestions include  ePRINTit group, ETAC, Tech Task Force, deans, Pat Hyland, Banner Team, webmasters, people that have submitted tickets requesting O365 access and Kelly's suggested list.  Trying to limit to max. of 50.