ETS: Office365 Project Team Meeting

 Office365 Project Meeting Minutes

January 6, 2016 11:00 a.m.-noon 

Attendees:   Joe Moreau, David Ulate, Sharon Luciw, Lisa Hocevar, Kelly Pettit, Pam Eberhardt, Chien Shih, Claire Chang, Deepa Prasad, Linda Koyama

  1. Project Status Update:
      1. Marty has created a third training video for Onedrive and will be posted online soon.
      2. The Call Center has received only one call so far, a very smooth transition.
      3. One anthropology professor requested more than 1 terabyte of storage for the department's documentation. Chien responded and asked him to submit a ticket to create a team site.
      4. Two retired instructors that have come back to teach have requested O365; they were provisioned manually.
      5. After reviewing Heidi's quick guide, a few edits were suggested; we will follow up with her.  Many thanks to Heidi for all her hard work!
      6. 2700 user licenses have been provisioned.  We have 6000 licenses available but can request more if needed.
  2. Next steps:
      1. Autoprovisioning for new employees:  Ryan and Matt are working on auto-provisioning Office365 for new employees at the same time as  e-mail and CWID accounts.  
      2. Deprovisioning Office365 accounts 
          1. Things to consider:
              1. What is the determining factor for an employee to be deprovisioned?  
              2. What do we do their data?  
              3. Should their supervisor be notified and be responsible for the employee's data?  
              4. How do we back up those documents?
          2. Chien will start a shared word document with HR to describe the decomissioning process.  It should include access to MyPortal, INB, SSB, email, and calendar.
          3. One idea that Sharon and Bernata are considering is to have a separate form with a workflow process in KACE which can include what the supervisor would like to to do with the data.  Collecting the right info will determine what kind of child tickets that are created (Retiring? Article 19? Leaving on bad terms?).
          4. We don't know how long Microsoft will keep the data out there.  Should we archive it?
          5. Kelly and Sharon will share what documentation they currently have for employees that are leaving the district.  
          6. The decomissioning process should be owned by HR, not ETS and possibly initiated by the immediate supervisor and manager. 
      3. Gathering metrics:  Kelly was interested in gathering metrics to track who is using Office365, how many people are using it,  where are they going,  more faculty than staff?  Claire is not sure if the administrator function has the capability to track this info.  She will look into it.
      4. No news regarding desktop sync for Mac; it works for Windows but requires registry changes.  Windows 2016 no longer requires registry changes but  there are problems with Office 2016 and will not be deployed anytime soon to the district.
  3. The district is trying to move towards a managed print service district wide. This will include a print reduction strategy where Office365 can play a big part with document sharing and co-editing.