Managed Print System Project

July 2021 Status:

De Anza Campus: All but one managed print system device has been configured for use in LCW. if you do not already have the print driver installed, please submit an ETS request for Help.

Foothill Campus: Configuration of the devices began in May.  Software configuration continues due to encountering software configuration challenges.  Expected completion date is now mid August.


May 2021 Status:

De Anza Campus:   All but one managed print system device has been configured for use.  if you do not already have the print driver installed, please submit an ETS request for Help.

Foothill Campus:  All devices have been placed around the campus.  Configuration of the devices will begin the week of May 17th and expect to be completed for all devices by early June, 2021.


Answers to concerns:

No other printing devices are planned for removal. However, as other networked and individual print devices fail or run out of supplies, the device will be retired. There are exceptions and you will need to speak to your department manager.

Specialized print devices such as a large color printer for printing marketing materials, are out of scope and will not be retired.

Those with ADA requirements most likely will continue to use a dedicated print device or one will be provided.  Contact the ETS Help Desk if you have questions or concerns.


How the Managed Print System works:


QUICK TIP: Use the Search Box on the Print Device to find your Account Code
The touch screen is very sensitive and as such it is easy to accidentally choose the wrong account code when you are printing documents.


1. The system is a print queue that allows for the release of a print job on any of MPS devices. This means once your print jobs are in your print queue on the server you can release them at any of the Managed Print System devices across the district (either campus). This is secure printing, meaning only you can see the print jobs you have sent to the printer.

When you print to SecurePrint using the new print driver installed by ETS staff, your print jobs will go to a print queue associated with your CWID.

2. To release print jobs, make copies, or scan to email or Office365 OneDrive, you authenticate at a new MPS device by swiping a valid staff ID card or by manually typing your MyPortal ID/CWID and password on the touch screen. Swiping your ID card is fast and easy. As such, this is the strongly recommended authentication method.

3. You will be asked to select your Finance Account before printing or copying which will charge your print-outs and copies to a pre-determined account code. College and District management will let you know the name of the account code to use. Once you have used your account code(s), it will show up at the top of the list the next time so you won't have to scroll or search after the first time using the code. College and District finance mangers will be auditing the use of this system.  So you don't accidentally choose the wrong account code, there is no going back when printing, it is best to use the Search function.

4. Quick-Tips instructions will be posted at each device along with a campus map for all currently deployed Managed Print System devices in case the device nearest you is out of order. You can print, copy or scan at any device.  User documentation will be posted to the ETS Getting Help web pages.

5. For Part Time Faculty, shared computers will be configured for you to login using your MyPortal (CWID) and password.  Then when you print to SecurePrint, your print jobs will be sent to the print queue associated with your CWID and then you can release your print jobs at any of the Managed Print System Devices.

Initial Quick Tips:

1. USB Ports on the Multi-Function Devices are disabled.  If you want to print/make copies of documents from a USB stick, there will be shared computers at various locations/division office or from your college/district assigned computer, print to the the Secure Print Queue.  Then release the print job at any of the Managed Print System Devices.

2. Once you release a print job it will be immediately removed from the queue preventing you from printing it again at the device. So please make note and plan ahead. ETS is monitoring a PaperCut 'enhancement request' under development so jobs printed will remain in your queue for a period of time. We hope to have an update soon about this desired feature!

3.  You will need to select how many copies you want when you release print jobs at the device.  Selecting the number of copies at the time you Print on your Computer may not produce the number of copies you want printed.

4. The document(s) you sent to the Print Queue will default to printing in the color of your document. You can switch to 'grey scale' for color documents at the MPS device if you so desire to reduce costs. And remember once you print, the print job will be immediately removed from your print queue.

5. For Copies, the default is Black/White. If you want color copies you will need to select that option. And remember color copies cost more.

6. For scanning, it will scan the original format of the document. There is no charge for scanning.

7. Area Key Operators will be assigned to each device and will be asked to report problems with the device to the vendor, accept deliveries of toner, replace the toner (toner is automatically shipped) and order paper, help users clear paper jams if appropriate.

8. All employees may be responsible for adding paper and clearing paper jams.

 9.  For Foothill College employees the Account Codes are now based on Division not Department for instructional printing.  Instructional prints and copies use Lottery and your division name.  For non-instructional use the accounts with (F114).


The following Applies for Printer Purchase Requests:

For Networked printers:
As print devices fail, they will not be replaced.  There will be exceptions for devices providing a special purpose such as high end color printing for marketing purposes; Printers used by Students in a classroom.

For Individual User printers:
As print devices fail, they will not be replaced.  Once a device is installed for your use , you will no longer be approved to purchase supplies for the Individual User printer.  There will be exceptions - consult with your manager.

During the Deployment Phase the following Applies for Printer Removal:

When a multi-function device (MFD) will be located in the same location as a networked printer, the networked printer will be removed. 

How The New Print System Functions:

A new print driver will be installed onto the district/college provided employee computers.  Printing will be sent to a Print Queue.  This allows employees to release their print job at any of the MFDs located on all campuses (DA, FH, Sunnyvale).  The employee ID (CWID) and password is used to release the print job at the MFD.  You either type you CWID and password onto the touch screen or swipe your Valid Employee ID card.

The multi-function device is also used as a copier and you can scan to email.



Who will take care of these vendor provided Multi-Function Devices (MFD)?

Adding Paper to the print device is everyone's responsibility.  The vendor will train employees on how to add paper and clear paper jams upon delivery of the device.


Who will supply the paper, toner, and staples (when the MFD has the staple feature)?

Someone in the department will be assigned the Key Operator Role plus another as this individual's backup when they are out of the office.  The Key Operator will order paper and staples supplies.

Regarding Toner, the Key Operator will replace toner.  However, ROA, the vendor will be remotely monitoring every print device and when a device gets low on toner, a new cartridge will be shipped automatically and directly to the Key Operator for that print device.

The vendor, ROA will also automatically schedule preventative maintenance on the device to prevent any downtime.

If there is an urgent problem with the device, the Key Operator will place a trouble call with the vendor.


 What happens if I need to print something and the device in my area is not working?

When you print, your print job is placed into a print queue associated with your (CWID) also known as Secure Printing.  This is no longer a direct print system.  You must go to the printer, authenticate with your CWID and password or valid Staff ID Card and the printer will display all your print jobs.  You may choose to print one, all or none of the print jobs at that time.  If the print device in your area is not functioning, you can go to any other device at the college/district and print.  A list of printer locations will be made available on the district web pages and we plan to have a map or list of other print devices near by posted at each print device.

 What will happen to the network printer shared by my department?  What will happen to my individual printer?

If your individual print device was purchased with personal funds, once a managed print system device is deployed for your use, you will be asked to take the printer home.  This printer uses district electricity.

ETS will no longer support or repair networked or individual printers once a managed print system device is deployed for your use.  As devices fail, they will not be replaced. 

There will be exceptions throughout this deployment for specialized printing devices for marketing materials, output device in support of academic programs such as photography, and printers used by students in the classrooms are out of scope.  Areas such as student government and the union offices are also out of scope.  There may be a business reason for an individual printing device to remain, but this will need to be approved by management.