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Note: For peripheral purchases (printers, scanners, and other peripheral technologies), please submit an ETS Request for Help.

The Educational Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC), through its hardware and software standards subcommittee, establishes district-wide standards for desktop computers and software. The standards are expected to meet more than 90% of our office users' needs. The current standards will always be available on the ETS web site.

Please note the following:

  • The standard software, when possible, is acquired through district-wide site license agreements so that individual departments do not absorb those costs as part of their operating budget.


  • Pricing for hardware standards, including desktop and laptop computers, printers, and projectors, are negotiated by the district for the best available price.


  • All hardware purchase requisitions should first be reviewed and signed by the designated ETS representative before they are sent to Purchasing. Hardware and software acquired or used without prior consultation with ETS, or that is not on the standards list, is not supported.


  • The standards are not iron-clad and exceptions to the standard will be allowed for special needs, such as special configuration for disabled access, lab computers, or high end development. You must check with your local Tech Services Supervisors before putting together such a requisition.


    • If you think you need a non-standard system please consult with John Vandercook before putting through a purchase requisition. He will work with you on a specification that meets your needs.


    • There are costs associated with the standard that factor into the total price. These include a 3 year extended warranty and sales tax, and such items as power strips and network cabling when needed. Comparisons to commercially advertised systems therefore are not valid.


    • You don't need to put all the specifications on your requisition when ordering a standard configuration. Just identify the system you are ordering - - for example, "Macintosh Standard Office System" or "Windows Standard Laptop System." This will save ETS time in processing the requisition and the Purchasing Office always knows what the standard is when you specify it that way.


  • All prices are estimates, are subject to change, and should be used for budgeting purposes only.


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