ETS: Wireless Network



Important notice: As part of the recent MyPortal password reset, you will need to forget/reconnect to the College wifi on all devices connecting to it or you will continue to get locked out of MyPortal. Please see instructions here. You must do this any time you change your MyPortal password.


The Foothill-De Anza Community College District offers multiple wifi networks to meet the needs of our students, employees, public guests, and visitors with legitimate business needs.

The College WiFi network is available to all students and employees of FHDA. You will use your MyPortal login ID (CWID) and password to access this wireless network. Once you authenticate to the College WiFi network, you do not need to log in again, unless there is a change to your credentials. If your MyPortal password changes, you will need to authenticate again to the wireless network. For employees, this is no different than when your MyPortal password changes and you need to enter the new password on your smartphone for the district email account. Click here if you are experiencing challenges connecting to the College Wifi network. Click here for detailed user instructions on how to connect to the College WiFi network from specific devices.

The Campus Guest wireless network is available in the Campus Centers dining areas at De Anza, Foothill, and cafes at Foothill KCI and the Sunnyvale Center.  Guest is also available in the main libraries on each campus.  You access this network by entering an email address. Once you register with the Campus Guest wireless network, the password provided is valid for eight (8) hours (you will want to make note of the password.) The email address you supplied is now your login ID. If you remain in the same physical area of the campus, you will not need to register or sign in again over the course of an eight (8) hour period. If you move to a different area on campus that has Campus Guest or travel to the other college (Foothill, De Anza, or Sunnyvale), if it is within the eight (8) hours from when you initially registered, you sign in with your email address and the password provided during registration.

The Campus Visitor wireless network is for Foothill-De Anza Community College visitors, such as vendors or other CC colleagues (not renters).

Obtaining a Visitor wireless account is very easy.  Every Foothill-De Anza (FHDA) Community College District employee can be your sponsor.  When on campus, connect to the Campus Visitor wireless network.  Complete the form with your sponsor's information.  Your sponsor will receive an email to approve your request for a visitor account.  Shortly after the approval, you will be able to login.  Click here for instructions on how to request a Campus Visitor account.

If you are an FHDA employee, click here for instructions on how to respond as a sponsor to a Campus Visitor wireless network account request.


Click here if you are experiencing challenges connecting to the College Wifi network

Click here for Guest and Visitor WIFI Connection Security Settings

Click here for detailed specific device instructions on how to connect to the various FHDA wireless networks