ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Progress Status Minutes

September 27, 2016 2-3 pm

Attendees:   Sherri Mines remotely; Joseph Ng, Mahmood Hasan, Jerrick Woo, Katia Rostam Yazdi,  Linda Koyama

  1. Jerrick is working with the file that Katia has given him for testing.  However, the current file has brackets and commas but the final version will be pipe delimited.  She will follow Jim's original format and layout; Jerrick will change his code to match.  ID is the CWID and the associate ID is the CWID with an FH or DA in front of it for the Sunapsis ID.  Jerrick will test this week.  Once we test with these two records successfully, Sherri will add more records.
  2. Sherri would prefer Jerrick to comment out the fields in Admissions.xml that are no longer being used instead of leaving it as the default of null.
  3. Hasan passed on Chien's concern that we can insure that we will meet the current deadlines:
      1. Katia will have her programming changes completed by Oct. 5th (form has been modified).
      2. Sherri will be at the Sunapsis conference from 10/7-10/13 but will test in the evenings. 
      3. Give Lee time to address any fixes if needed.
      4. Finish the preliminary test by Oct. 25, 2016.
  4. The full cycle still needs to be automated.  Sherri will need to test (we will use PRODN; no need to refresh):
      1. Loading info on the online form
      2. Test Katia and Jerrick's procedures
      3. Checking if records that end up in suspense can be cleared properly 
      4. Check if records are loaded into Sunapsis successfully the next day
      5. Test to see if admitted students are then loaded from Sunapsis to Banner
      6. Joseph would like to make sure that underage students are tested.  The check is in Sunapsis.
  5. Hasan was asking about documentation regarding all the steps to complete the testing cycle.  He has asked Sherri to put it together.
  6. There is another major update that needs to be applied but Sherri would like to wait until we have completed testing.  We are currently running a custom version just for us; the new update will allow us to make the customization within the Sunapsis setup. 
  7. It still needs to be decided whether to use the front desk option.
  8. Sherri and Arthur will purchase the new security certificate tomorrow and will schedule a meeting with Katia and Ryan to apply it.  Both colleges can use the same certificate.
  9. At our next meeting on Oct. 4th, Hasan is hoping that we can complete some testing so that Sherri can enjoy her conference!