ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Project Meeting Minutes

August 25, 2015 11:00 a.m.-noon

Attendees:   Sherri Mines, Mahmood Hasan, Jim Clow, Katia Rostam-Yazdi,  Linda Koyama

  1. The purpose of the meeting is to do a preliminary review of the checklist and to check off items that have been completed.

  2. Initially, we tried to access our check list but kept encountering an 500 internal server error.  Support line was busy; eventually we were able to connect.

  3. XML file for data feed: Sherri will e-mail a test XML file (40 students) to Katia; Katia will place it in the directory \ioffice\batch\datafeed\ with the file name specified in the database table, configDataFeedXMLFileName.  The defaults are student.xml, eployee.xml and admission.xml.  There was discussion whether to have separate files for each college or combine them into one.  Undecided at this point.

  4.  Katia will help test the datafeed since it requires ColdFusion access (Refer to 3.3.2 in the Technical Guide) and will keep track of how long the job runs.   
  5. Requirements before Matt's visit:
    1. Setup of the server environment
    2. Completion of the mapping
    3. Working SEVIS feed:  Sherri said that they can't create the list too early;  they plan to create it on the Friday before his visit to capture all students due to continuous enrollment).  Sherri's understanding is that Matt will do the initial setup for Sevis, in addition to things we need to do.
  6. Upcoming patches:  3.2.3 fix is out.  Sherri thinks the updates are cumulative.  Sherri is signed up for a Sunapsis listserv and is notified regarding patches.  Sherri recommends that someone from ETS  should also subscribe.  Currently Sherri decides when to apply the next patch.

  7. Ryan will review the server architecture under 2. IT Office before submitting.  Under ColdFusion Configuration, Sherri had a question regarding the Configure ColdFusion Mail Server (see Section 5.3 of the Tech Guide).  Sherri said it was working before; now it crashes.  It is possible that the problem is related to the last release update.

  8. Hasan will follow up with Matt regarding single sign on. CAS log in sometimes does not work; after entering credentials it doesn't go anywhere.  Launching the sunapsis module launches java.  Sherri suggested not to update to JAVA 8.

  9. Sherri and Jim are working on the mapping.  Almost complete; Sherri is hand correcting exceptions.  Sherri showed us what logging on to the system looks like from an administrator's perspective.  It shows recently posted discussion topics, any students that have alerts, and any checklists that she is currently working on.  

  10. Sherri received info from Lourdes regarding associate degree programs and certificate programs.  Foothill has separate codes for the certificate programs and associate degree programs for each major; De Anza uses the same code for both.  For De Anza, Sherri is currently putting both under associate programs and will need to be manually corrected if the student would like to do a certificate program.

  11. We don't need to worry about employees or visiting scholars who come to teach.

  12. Sherri also manually added class instruction modes to begin to track online classes.  This is not in the data feed yet.  Currently we don't admit to fully online programs.

  13. Sherri had a problem deleting a student's profile.  Katia is looking into it; may be version related.  She may submit a ticket with Sunapsis tech support.

  14. User set up is complete.  Everyone has basis permissions to get into the system.  Sherri will be managing the users and their unique permissions.

  15. Currently working on the Sunapsis data feed options.  The script has been created to extract data from Banner.

  16. We will not have employees are currently do not have second approvers.  Encryption of the database won't happen until certified by Matt Reynolds.

  17. Sherri would eventually like to load the notes from FSAAtlas and Louise. (nice to have)

  18. Joseph and Sherri will provide the mapping of the CWIDs to the SEVIS id.

  19. (Application Configuration)Configure campus info and term info is complete.  Some SEVIS info is done; still need alert and email configuration; Sherri will take care of this.

  20. Would like to create SEVIS batch account.

  21. Linda will reserve D270 now for the three days; estimate 15-20 people.

  22. Sherri will forward the e-mails regarding the latest patches.

  23. Site Visit Preparation Check List item was reviewed and completed.

  24. Sherri hopes to finalize the intake form today.