ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Project Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2016 2-3 pm

Attendees:   Sherri Mines, Mahmood Hasan, Jim Clow, Katia Rostam Yazdi, Jerrick Woo, Chris Dubeau, Linda Koyama

  1. Database instance for testing
      1. TST8 will be refreshed on demand for the COLA team.  It will be cloned tonight.  The Sunapsis team will need to be notified each time it is refreshed.  For Sunapsis testing, we will need the database to remain unchanged for 2-3 days.   Chris is using PRODN for a financial aid project and needs the older data.  TESTHRS is cloned every night, Monday-Thursday.  It was decided that we will continue to use TST8 for Sunapsis testing.  The applications will need to be reloaded by Katia.  Sherri will then need to go to Banner to verify that all the data has fed through completely.  She will also check the suspense file to try and clear those records.
  2. Student testing will start mid-May.  The automated push needs to be in place the first week of June.
  3.  Sherri received a Sunapsis notification this morning that as of January 2017, will only support 64 bit Cold Fusion.  Katia confirmed that it is 64.
  4. Katia applied a patch this morning.  Sherri will do a quick check this afternoon.
  5. De Anza's computers are set up to update JAVA automatically.  It broke a Sevis portion.  Sherri showed them how to turn it off.  After the next patch is applied tomorrow, Java 8.91 should work okay (currently using 8.77).  Sherri will test.
  6. Go Live Schedule
      1. The annual conference for International Education is held the last week of May.  First week of June, there will be limited training on how to enter applications into the system.  It will then be opened to specific groups (hoping for a couple of applications in every continent for both campuses).  The links will be added to 
      2. Sometime in late July or early August, the application will be opened up for winter for everyone (application deadline is in October).  
      3. Katia will adjust the terms in the drop down for the online application.
      4. There is now a Sunapsis category in the KACE ticket system.
      5. Foothill controls the 3rd landing page and they will change the link to the online form.  The "apply now" link currently goes to the pdf application.  It will be changed to the on-line form.
  7. Jim went over the remaining items to complete the project.
      1. Phase I for F-1 students has been completed.
      2. Phase II Intake process:  
          1. From the online application, the data is stored in a SQL database.  The extract from the SQL database to the DACVT-CON8 folder is ready to be automated.
          2.  A cron job is needed to run a procedure to process that file, accessing Banner to create a CWID or retrieving a CWID if the student is already in Banner.
          3. Sherri will be manually correcting the records in suspense.
          4. Another procedure is needed to process the XML file into Sunapsis. (Possibly scheduled at 3 am seven days a week?  It must be run when no one is in the Sunapsis system.) 
      3. Phase III:  Loading admitted students:  Hasan will need to create an upload area in the dataload directory for Sunapsis.  Sherri will create a file with data for admitted students and Hasan's job will move it to the DACVT-CON8 folder. The job will check for the file once a day.  Another cron job will run a procedure to process the data and update Banner, similar to the domestic CCCApply application procedure.
      4. Lee is still working on the application side.  Sherri is communicating with Lee about errors she has found and he is currently correcting it.  Lee usually has time to work on the errors on the weekends.
      5. If any changes are required in the future with what Lee has developed, we will reach out to him to update.  For the portion that Jim has developed, Chris and Katia can modify.  Anything job related, Hasan will take care of.
      6. Once Sunapsis fixes the bug that limits the Sunapsis output file to Sherri's PC, Sherri would like to automate that process.
      7. Jim's documentation is available in Confluence.