ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Project Meeting Minutes

December 17, 2015 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Attendees:   Lee McDonald remotely;  Sherri Mines, Joseph Ng,  Chien Shih, Mahmood Hasan, Jim Clow, Katia Rostam Yazdi, Linda Koyama

  1. Project Status
      1. Sunapsis 3.3.1 Hot Fix is scheduled to be released on January 5. Installation, testing and move to production shortly after so international staff can register all students in SEVIS. The first three weeks of January are busy with SEVIS registration, student issues, insurance issues and more testing.
      2. Update from Lee:  He shared the two forms that he has created:
          1. SWAINTK (intake form) Only records that have issues (i.e. duplicate email) will go into suspense and will show up in this form.  It uses the same error codes that CCCApply uses.  The title will be changed from CCC Apply Update Form to Sunapsis Intake Form. This form will bring up potential matches and so the users will try and match them here first.  Any remaining issues will be resolved on the next form.  A & R Staff can help with questions regarding the workflow since it is similar to OpenCCCApply.
          2. SWAINMT (common matching form).  Currently it is not working quite right; it appears that everyone is new and it's not populating the biographical tab on SPAIDEN. 

          3. Jim will load the FH and DA intake form records for Lee today.

          4. Lee will try and correct the remaining issues this weekend.  Hasan will recompile the forms so that users can test next week.
      3. Other accomplishments since the last meeting
          1. Bill has given access to TST8 for the users.
          2. Sherri now has VPN access.
          3. Katia has resolved the different application cutoff dates by customizing the drop down menus for FH and DA.OU issues
          4. Sherri had a meeting with Bradley Creamer regarding the associated forms that need to be downloaded, the FAQ web page and the What's next web page. These items will be located on the joint landing page, which is housed on the Foothill web server. Alex at De Anza will not need to worry about adding it to the De Anza side. The goal is to have an “Apply Now” link on each campus’ web site, with all application-related pages and forms in a single location. 
          5. Since commas are used as delimeters, if the student enters a comma, Katia has programmed it to replace the comma with a space.  Any additional nations will need to be reprogrammed.
      4. OU issues
          1. Errors on Required fields:  Check boxes or radio buttons, although they are marked as required, are not flagged as missing if left blank.
          2. Errors on drop down boxes: Top value cannot be a blank, displaying “unknown”. If nothing is entered, the form does not flag as missing and stores the value "unknown".
          3. Similarly for birthdate, it defaults to Jan.1, 1950.  Katia will add this issue to the ticket.
          4. OU does not have a date for their next release which may fix some of these issues.
      5. Next Steps:
        1. Original go live date was end of January; tentative revised date is end of February for summer term.  Actual date may change if the OU update does not fix the form issues. 

        2. In January, Sherri, JIm and Lee will  go over the next steps in the process via conference call.  
        3. Sherri and Jim will start working on the format of the output CSV file from Sunapsis in January.
        4. In early January, ETS will follow up with OU on the progress of the ticket.
        5. We will need to investigate if a CCCID will be needed in the future for OEI on-line courses that are outside of FH or DA.  Currently, international applications have a unique application code.  International students are not eligible for financial aid.
        6. Sherri needs access to the jbCheckListStage database.  There are a couple of tables that she needs to access to diagnose stage issues.  Sherri will ask Nick if he could provide the exact commands needed to view the tables or ask him how other colleges are accessing it.  She will find out if she needs special software to access these tables.
        7. Hasan will unsubscribe from the Sunapsis emails and Sherri will forward the release related emails to him.
        8. Sherri submitted a ticket to switch the Sunapsis Banner download to winter 2016.  This must be done by January 4th.
        9. For now, Katia will be responsible for updating the terms for the drop down each term.  Katia will inquire with OU if there is an easy option for the users to update.
        10. Joseph will send his FAQ draft to Sherri. 

II.  The next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 12th @ 2 p.m.