ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Project Meeting Minutes

November 4, 2015 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Attendees:   Sheila White Daniels remotely; Vinita Bali, Sherri Mines, Joseph Ng, Chien Shih, Mahmood Hasan, Jim Clow, Katia Rostam Yazdi, Linda Koyama

  1. Progress since Matt Reynold's visit:
      1. Banner and Sunapsis now talk to each other
      2. All the Sevis data has been pulled from the government's database 
      3. Banner is feeding in enrollment
      4. Working on the alerts generated for students requiring more research,  i.e. no enrollment data for students in Sevis, under 12 units, data in Banner does not match Sevis.  FH started with 300 students and are now down to 50.  
      5. Sherri and Jim worked with Matt to handle concurrently enrolled students.  
      6. Students who enroll in Foothill KCI classes designed for teachers only will now show  0 units for these classes in Sunapsis.   
      7. Six address changes went through Foothill batch successfully in production to Sevis.  According to Joseph, there is a batch limit of 1000 for Sunapsis.
      8. Nightly XML is being uploaded everyday.
  2. Process flow review:
      1. Katia will submit a ticket with OU to find out how to access the SQL database and extract the data.
      2. We will need to find out how we can flag the records that have already been processed in the SQL database.
      3. We will need a pipe delimited file from the SQL database. 
      4. Every time an intake form is submitted, the SQL database will be populated.
      5. Every 15 or 30 minutes the program will pull all new records from the SQL database and store the data in an Oracle table.  Once a day Lee's program will pull new info from the Oracle table and go to Banner to extract the CWID if it is a current student or a new CWID if it is a new student and a new student id record will be created.  Some may end up in a suspense file if there is a mismatch of info.
      6. Minimal student data will be stored in Banner. Student information and intake form information will be sent to Sunapsis every morning via an admissions.xml file
      7. Once the data is successfully loaded into Sunapsis the data in the SQL database can be deleted or archived or purged by term.
      8. We need to maintain term codes.  Further discussion is needed to determine how to allow Sherri and Joseph to update the term codes.
      9. Admissions.xml requires a translation for the term code and country code. 
  3. We reviewed the updated intake form.
      1. The link to the help page will be clickable.
      2. Release of Records Form can be available for download in Sunapsis, on the respective websites and on the instruction sheet but not a clickable link on the intake form.
      3. "How did you hear about Foothill or De Anza College?" will be a required field.
      4. We will ask OU if another page can come up once the submit button is clicked or an email can be sent with detailed information.  If not, an email trigger can be added further down the process.
      5. Sherri sent a spreadsheet to Katia and Jim with intake form fields, Banner fields and admissions.xml file field lengths.  
      6. There is a primary and secondary email for Sunapsis.  The student email will be the primary email, unless the student authorizes using the agent's email, in which case theagent's email will become the primary email and the student's will become the secondary email.
  4. Action items:
    1. We will ask Lee to join our next scheduled meeting.
    2. We will contact OU for information regarding the SQL database.
    3. We will move the regularly scheduled meetings from Wednesdays to Tuesday afternoons @ 2 pm to accommodate Lee McDonald's schedule.