Managed Print System Project


October 16, 2017

Dear Colleagues:

As you are all aware, faculty and staff throughout the district are working to identify opportunities for cost savings to address our current budget pressures. Every dollar saved on overhead costs is another dollar we have to better serve students and preserve faculty and staff positions. As a district team we are investigating options for implementing a managed print service (MPS) contract to support faculty and staff print output. This is being pursued for two reasons. First, there are some important opportunities for reducing our overall print output. This is one of the sustainability goals identified in the most recent Facilities Master Plans. Secondly, by deploying a more efficient and cost-effective print system, there is a potential for significant budget savings.

The MPS project will consist of two phases: Assessment and Deployment. In the Assessment phase, a vendor partner will analyze our network and locally attached print traffic as well as document the physical placement of all existing print output devices. Rabbit Office Automation ( will conduct the Assessment. They come highly recommended by Santa Clara University and the Santa Clara County Housing Authority. Once the Assessment phase is complete ROA will recommend a plan for Deployment. This plan will include recommendations on print device types and placement.

When the district decides to move forward with the Deployment phase, the recommendations for device type and placement will be finalized in consultation with affected stakeholders. In short, the goal is to have the right number of the right type of devices in the right places to assure that faculty/staff printing is convenient, cost effective, and sustainable. The Deployment plan will also include strategies for reducing print output overall such as increasing our use of systems like Office365 and Canvas.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact any member of the MPS Team listed below.

Stay tuned for further updates.


The Foothill-De Anza MPS Team

Bret Watson
Brenda Davis Visas

De Anza
Susan Cheu
Pam Grey

Central Services
Joe Moreau
Kevin McElroy
Annette Perez
Sharon Luciw


Project Schedule

 Assessment Phase

     Inventory of all Copier, Print and Scan Devices by the vendor, ROA escorted by ETS Technical Services staff:

        De Anza Campus:  Fall Quarter 2017

        Foothill and Sunnyvale Campuses: Winter Quarter 2018


Deployment Phase

     Detailed Planning Phase:  Winter Term 2019

     Phase 1: ETS as the Pilot: Winter Term 2019

     Phase 2: Facilities buildings, New District Office Building; Volunteers; Leased and end of Life Multi-function Devices (MFD): Late Winter/Spring 2019

     Phase 3: College Departments in the order determined by college management:  Summer/Fall 2019



During the Deployment Phase the following Applies for Printer Purchase Requests:

For Networked printers:
As print devices fail, they will not be replaced.  There will be exceptions for devices providing a special purpose such as high end color printing for marketing purposes; Printers used by Students in a classroom.

For single user printers:
As print devices fail, they will not be replaced.

During the Deployment Phase the following Applies for Printer Removal:

 When a multi-function device (MFD) will be located in the same location as a networked printer, the networked printer will be removed.

How The New Print System Functions:

A new print driver will be installed onto the district/college provided computers.  Printing will be sent to a Print Queue.  This allows employees to release their print job at any of the MFDs located on all campuses (DA, FH, Sunnyvale).  The employee ID (CWID) is used to release the print job at the MFD.