ETS: Canvas Project Team Meeting

 Canvas Project Meeting Minutes
September 23, 2015 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Attendees:  Chien Shih, Judy Baker, Mahmood Hasan, Jerrick Woo, Matt Rapczynski, Deepa Prasad, Linda Koyama
  1. Challenges and problems Judy is encountering:  
      1. Canvas Support Desk is not very responsive. Judy has submitted numerous tickets and they are responding with solutions that don't work.
      2. One of the courses was not posted until last Friday by the instructor and had broken links in it.
      3. Students are having difficulty confirming their email address in Canvas.  They are asked to confirm their e-mail but the confirmation is not recognized in Canvas and they are stuck in a loop.  One solution offered by Canvas was to refresh their browser, but that doesn't work.  Students are receiving a variety of messages when they encounter this problem but they are all incorrect.
      4. There are 8 other colleges that have gone live with Canvas and everything seems to be working for them; it's possible that they haven't tried to update their profiles yets.
      5. One instructor is asking the students to update their profiles but the students cannot confirm their profiles without a confirmed email.  Judy may be able to block students from changing their email; this would be ideal since Matt updates the Canvas email with the student's email in Banner.
      6. Students that are dropping and adding are not being picked up as registered so they can not see the Canvas link.  Matt needs to manually add them to the Canvas students Luminus role for them to see the Canvas link.  It was decided to open up the channel to everyone and switch out the updated channel for the former one to correct this problem.  This would eliminate the need for Matt to update the group of added students.
      7. Jerrick will provide a list of students who have added one of the Canvas sections (turned into an "R") from Sunday after midnight-Tuesday of this week.  Judy will provide Deepa the Canvas rosters so that we can be sure the enrollment for Banner and Canvas are the same.  Judy needs to be notified when both systems are in sync so that she can contact the instructors.
  2. Plans for winter quarter:  Judy will be meeting with Foothill Faculty on Oct. 2nd to decide whether they open Canvas to non-pilot courses.  Judy predicts that at most a dozen more faculty would like to convert to Canvas.  They would be required to take the training from Judy and build their courses in Canvas in time for winter.

  3. We need to revisit grades.  Matt is looking for an existing API in Banner to load grades.  We need to decide if we are still targeting automatically loading grades from Canvas into Banner this quarter or to wait until next quarter.  It should be rolled into Banner after the final grade is made (after course is concluded).  Must be timed with the grade rolls. 

  4. We will schedule another meeting as needed.