ETS: Canvas Project Team Meeting

 Canvas Project Meeting Minutes
August 5, 2015 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Attendees:  Judy Baker, Jerrick Woo, Matt Rapczynski, Deepa Prasad, Linda Koyama
  1. Matt provided a demo of what he has developed so far.

  2. Faculty new to Canvas will see the "Not Certified" page. Judy will provide Matt with wording for the Not Certified message.  In Banner, Judy can add the "CANV" attribute for the faculty member which allows them to access the Canvas Dashboard.  Terms are driven from Canvas.   The SIS ID must match the six character Banner term code. Based on the SIS ID, the program will look up what is configured on Canvas and match it to the instructor's Banner schedule.  It will show which sections are in a Canvas course.

  3. You can create a new course site or shell by selecting the root course (takes between 30 seconds and a minute).  During the creation it is:
    1. Reading each student;
    2. Creating an account for the student if one does not already exist;
    3. Synchronizing the e-mail addresses;
    4. Adding the section.
  4. Teachers are enrolled in a course and students are enrolled in a section.

  5. Need to work on the student experience and log in as a student.  There are about 200 students enrolled in these six sections and Judy will be in contact with them for feedback.

  6. Special scenario for consideration:  Group site where sections are assigned to someone else and sometimes reverts back to the original instructor.  Matt needs to watch for when a section has changed. We need to investigate how Banner handles an instructor change-is it SQL update or a delete and insert on the table?   If section changes ownership, it will probably need to be dropped  from Canvas.  CRN will remain the same but the students should no longer have access to that site.  Everyone is deleted from that section and the section is dropped.  Any progress those students had will be deleted.

  7. To delete a section, you need to type in "yes" to confirm that you really want to delete a section and delete student by student.

  8. Deleting a course will delete all the sections associated with it in one request.

  9. Clicking on the admin. button you have two options:
    1. Synchronize users:  Typing in a student's ID, it will forecibly move the student's account from Banner to Canvas and if it doesn't exist, it will create it.
    2. Big Brother mode allows you to log in as someone else and see the screens they are seeing but prevents modifications.
  10. Matt will work on the channel next week and will release to Judy Monday or Tuesday.  The instructors will then be able to test and create their Canvas courses.

  11. Judy needs to decide what she wants to appear for the help button. (i.e. Links to helpdesk, websites)

  12. Judy will start working on guides.

  13. Judy will handle switching on External apps such as "Turnitin".  

  14. Currently e-mails are disabled.  Judy will see if she can change the content of the e-mail as an admin. E-mails will be enabled for testing.

  15. Matt will need to schedule some down time for Canvas access to work on single sign on.  He will let Judy know what day.

  16. Matt will let Judy know which on tab the channel will be added.
  17. Next meeting scheduled August 12th @ 10 a.m.