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NEW: Newly deployed PC's will have Windows 10 as their operating system. Click here for Windows 10 training.

NEW Changes to is now housed under the CCC Vision Resource Center (formerly, the Professional Learning Network [PLN]). Here are instructions on how to find it! Chrome is the recommended web browser.

1. Go to the Vision Resource Center:
2. Either log in to your account (formerly your Professional Learning Network (PLN) account) or create a new one.
3. When you get to the Vision Resource Center homepage, hover over Learn in the blue toolbar and select Learner Home from the pull-down menu.
4. To immediately search for a topic, click in the Search box, enter your topic or title, and press return.
To find all topics/titles: click in the Search box to place your cursor, leaving it blank, then press Enter/Return. In the Filters list on the left of the screen, click on Providers, then select

**Zoom User Guide**

If you have any questions regarding signing up for through the Professional Learning Network, please contact