ETS: EIS Core Committee

EIS Core Committee

 Committee charter

 To coordinate the EIS (Banner) enhancement and maintenance issues among different colleges and district departments.
 Discuss the future roadmap and upgrade path of the EIS system.
 Recommend to the Chancellor's cabinet of the appropriate actions to take regarding the EIS system.

 Key leads from the departments


  Vice Chancellor of Technology – Joe Moreau

  •   Director of Information Systems and Operations – Chien Shih

  •   Executive Director of Institutional Research and Planning - David Ulate

  •   Director of Networks, Communications, and Computer Services - Sharon Luciw

Finance – Raquel Puentes
HR – Myisha Washington
Foundation – Robin Latta   
Student –  Nazy Galoyan (De Anza)

Student Services - Laurie Scolari (Foothill College)
Student – Anthony Cervantes (Foothill College)
Financial Aid – Kevin Harral (Foothill College)
Financial Aid – Lisa Mandy (De Anza College)
Faculty/Dean Representative – Moaty Fayek (De Anza College)
Faculty/Dean Representative – Paul Starer (Foothill College)

Visiting guests:  Cashier offices, Instruction offices, Catalog and Scheduling offices, Payroll and Counseling offices
Student representatives – Nominated from both colleges

 Meeting frequency – Monthly