ETS: Banner Student Committee

 Banner Student Committee

 Committee charter

To coordinate the EIS (Banner) student related modules, its enhancement and maintenance, among different colleges and district departments.
Discuss future roadmap and upgrade path of the EIS student system.
Recommend to the Core committee of the appropriate actions to take regarding the EIS student system.

Participants from both colleges and district


• Director of Information Systems and Operations – Chien Shih
• Supervisor of Business Continuity Group – Jerrick Woo
• Invited ETS staff

Student – Lisa Mandy (De Anza)
Student – Nazy Galoyan (Foothill College)
Financial Aid – Kevin Harral (Foothill College)
Financial Aid – Lisa Mandy (De Anza College)
Institutional Research – David Ulate
Faculty/Dean Representative – Lorrie Ranck (De Anza College)
Faculty/Dean Representative – Paul Starer (Foothill College)
Catalog/Schedule – Mi Chang, Mary Clark Tillman (De Anza College)
Catalog/Schedule – Cori Nunez, Denise Perez (Foothill College)
Student Services – Dennis Shannakian (De Anza College)
Student Services - Pat Hyland (Foothill College)
Distance Learning – Judy Baker (Foothill College)
Distance Learning – April Qian (De Anza College)
Evaluations –  Kent McGee (Foothill College)

Evaluations - Veronica Aparicio (De Anza College)
Counseling – Lan Truong (Foothill College)

Counseling - Sheila White Daniels (De Anza College)
Cashiering Office – Rachel Tai (Foothill), Jorge Rodriguez (De Anza)

 Meeting frequency –bi-weekly