ETS has removed the Jabber desktop software download from this web site because ETS has found if the software is installed and the user tries to use Jabber for phone calls before it is provisioned on the backend, ETS has found for some users they need to uninstall the app and then reinstall again in order for it to work. Therefore, once ETS has provisioned an account for the Soft Phone, the link to the download Jabber will be provide within the ETS work request.

The same applies to the free Mobile Jabber App for smart phones. If you installed this app before the backend provisioning has been completed (you authenticate and receive an error message), once you have been notified the provisioning is complete and it is still not working you may need to delete the app and reinstall.

**Note: It is two separate requests between Jabber Mobile and Jabber Soft phone. Check with your manager which one they requested for you.

**Note: For some cellular carriers, Mobile Jabber may not work everywhere. If on wifi, it should work all the time. This is because in some carrier's locations, the cellular equipment is incompatible with CISCO Jabber.

ETS has received many requests and we are working on provisioning as quickly as possible.