ETS: E-Mail Account Information

E-Mail/Calendar Account Information


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Over the Labor Day weekend, your FHDA email account was migrated to the cloud and you can now access it at:

1. Log in using your Portal CWID and password.


2. Log into, then under Staff Apps, locate and click Office 365, then Outlook and you will be logged directly into your email. Note: You will be automatically logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity. The only exception to this is retirees who do not have Office 365. Retirees will find the Exchange Email and Calendar tile under Staff Apps.


ETS does not support personally owned devices such as cell phones or tablets. You can find helpful tips on how to reconfigure your device's settings (on pages 17-21 on the Tips and Tricks link) and other helpful information at Tips and Tricks.



Instructions on how to change your FHDA email password

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