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Wireless Network


Security Alert

The Foothill-De Anza wireless network is an unsecured unencrypted network.

When you sign into the wireless network using your Student or Employee ID and password, make sure there is an 'S' in the https:// at the top of your browser. This means when you log into the wireless network, your ID and password are encrypted. You can also look for a locked padlock at the lower right of your browser window.

However, once you have completed this authentication, you are placed into an unsecured unencrypted network.


Where is the wireless network available at Foothill-De Anza Community College District?

Click here to see the locations and type of access available: http://fhdafiles.fhda.edu/downloads/etsfhda/WirelessStatus.pdf


Wireless at Foothill-De Anza Community College District is primarily for students. The wireless network is divided into segments to provide different levels of service based on the intended use.

The De Anza Guest or Foothill Guest wireless network segment located in the Library and the Dining room at the Campus Center provides guest access to the Internet. This access is similar to what you would have at home or in a commercial Internet Cafe. The user provides an email address to gain access to the wireless network.

The De Anza College or Foothill College wireless network segment provides wireless network service to those who have a relationship with the District. Anyone with a Student ID or Employee ID has the ability to use this wireless network. Use the Banner/myportal.fhda.edu password when logging into the wireless network.

This segment of the wireless network is set up to provide access to additional services not available via the Guest wireless network and to provide the appropriate level service when using wireless in the classroom. You will find this wireless network available in classrooms and conference rooms.

The De Anza Lab or Foothill Lab wireless network segment is set up for those classrooms and labs with dedicated College provided laptops. These laptops will receive the appropriate level of service to conduct the class. This wireless network segment is not available to other wireless devices.

The De Anza Visitor or Foothill Visitor wireless network segment is for visitors or vendors who are on site for a short period of time for college and district business purposes. A subset of Administrative Assistants throughout the district will have the authority to create temporary visitor accounts. The Visitor wireless network will be available mainly in conference rooms.

Getting Help:

For assistance using the wireless network, refer to the user documentation on this web site.

When there is a concern that something is wrong with the wireless network, students should locate a district employee in the area. The district employee will report the problem to the Call Center.

For a visitor/vendor to obtain a temporary account to use the Visitor wireless network, district employees contact the Call Center at (408)864-8324. Or contact the administrative assistance you know who is authorized to create guest accounts for the Visitor wireless network in the conference room you will use.

Note: The Call Center is staffed in such a way that it is only able to support district employees. If students contact the Call Center, they will be redirected to a district employee or Admissions and Records.

Note: The district does not support personally owned devices.



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