ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Progress Status Minutes

September 20, 2016 2-3 pm

Attendees:   Lee McDonald remotely;  Mahmood Hasan, Jerrick Woo, Katia Rostam Yazdi,  Linda Koyama, Sherri Mines 

  1. Jerrick's updated code:  He clarified with Sherri that the college code (szrintk_jbcustomfields2_2) needs to be passed to the table.  Lee noted that the college is part of the intake form so Jerrick will convert it to the code FHC or DAC.  Jerrick will finalized his code and create a test file to see how it updates the table this week.  Katia will shoot for Oct. 7th to finalize her code.
  2. We will ask Sherri at the next meeting to see if she needs ETS help with the testing of the whole process.
  3. There may be a chance that we may need to clone PRODN to prepare for DBU 2 prerequisites.  Lee will make sure he moves everything over this weekend.  From Lee's side, the front end and the back end piece are completed; we just need to test.
  4. Jerrick was wondering if  the procedure baninst1.p_fhda_szrintk_xml needs to be updated which reads from the intake form table to create the XML file that feeds into Sunapsis.  Jerrick verified with Sherri that the fields that are no longer needed should be taken off.  He'll also need to figure out where the 2_2 code needs to be added.  
  5. Sherri entered two sample students in the online form, one that should go through and one that should end up in suspense.  Katia will provide Jerrick a file, post common matching, with the sample students' info so that he can test his code and Sherri can test the front end portion.  During the Sunapsis conference, Sherri will be working on the Sunapsis application portion because some of what she is doing is not giving her the results she expects.  Sherri says that we can test all the way through, but she will need to manually adjust some values.
  6. Sherri had a few text changes on the online form for Katia.
  7. Symantec no longer offers the security certificate which expires soon (Oct. 5th-8th) to allow us to do the Sevis batches.  Sherri will work on purchasing the new certificate and will call a meeting with Katia and Ryan to apply it.  It will need to be renewed annually.