ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Progress Status Minutes

September 13, 2016 2-3 pm

Attendees:   Lee McDonald remotely; Sherri Mines, Mahmood Hasan, Jerrick Woo, Katia Rostam Yazdi,  Linda Koyama

  1. Changes to Jim's code
    1. Jerrick has been working with Sherri and Lee and shared his updates to Jim's code.  Changes were agreed upon and verified; there are 21 fields including PIDM but excluding the sequence number.  Katia will let Jerrick know the new input file format  to test his updated code.
  2. Changes to intake form
      1. The new intake form is ready for Sherri to enter info.
      2. Katia needs about one more week to finish up her program changes.  She will target to be done by Oct. 7th; Jerrick will also have his coding changes done by Oct. 7th.  Sherri will do a preliminary test from Atlanta since she'll be at the Sunapsis conference from the 7th and will return on the 13th.  She will create some fake students and run them through the intake form; Katia will send her the link.
      3. User testing will begin Oct. 17th.
  3. Sunapsis has another update, 3.4.3 (required updates).  Katia will plan to install it in test on Sept. 19th and in production on September 26th.  
  4. 3.5 (new features) will need to be applied before the end of the year.  Jerrick will decide who will take over the upgrades in BCG.
  5. A parameter file (student.xml) needs to be updated each quarter for Sunapsis; Sherri is wondering if it could be something done without requiring submitting a ticket each quarter.  Hasan will let Jerrick know the details for the parameter file and job. szrsxml_cron.prm Sunday before start of quarter.  Linda will add it to the quarterly reminders for ETS.