ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Progress Status Minutes

August 30, 2016 2-3 pm

Attendees:   Lee McDonald remotely; Sherri Mines, Chien Shih,  Linda Koyama

  1. Decision to change the online intake form
    1. Sherri brought a mock up for the changes to the online form that were decided by the ISO offices.  Instead of a "start my application form", it will be a "create my account" form; much shorter consisting of biographical and agency data only. The student's address and education data has been removed.
    2. Some wording changes were also included.
    3. Sherri doesn't think Lee's code for common matching will need to changed but Jim's code which creates the XML file to load into Sunapsis will need modification.
    4. The common matching is based on name, DOB, and gender.
    5. Chien will talk to Hasan; we will shoot for mid-October for the coding and form changes.
  2. Status of Upload program from Sunapsis back to Banner
      1. Lee's program is in place; he has no issues or difficulties or problems at this time.
      2. Post admission, Sherri creates a report in Sunapsis, converts it to a CSV file which Lee's code takes to create a Banner application.
      3. MyPortal validation needs to be done using PRODN.  We will ask Jerrick and A & R to help test.  We will give the link to Sherri to MyPortaltest to review the last 6 students; we will ask Deepa to send instructions for MyPortaltest login).  We will also validate that they can register.
  3. Pilot testing
      1. First end to end testing will take place October 21st, including Sherri, Joseph, and possibly additional staff that Lark and Joseph may want to add.  By the end of October, we will address any issues that arise.  Sunapsis changes must also be completed by October 21st.
      2. We will test different case scenarios, different countries, both colleges, different application requirements.  Sevis is working fine.
      3. Second pilot testing:  November 8th.  Hope to certify by November 15th.
      4. Lee can make it available in PROD at any point; he just needs to know when we would like to start using it.
      5. Hasan and Sherri will run weekly meetings to monitor the progress.
  4. Move to PROD
      1. Target first week of December to move the code to PROD.  The online form will also be moved to PROD with the links on the ISO websites updated to point to the new form.  The ISO offices will add a few live applications.  The ISO offices will decide when to announce the GO LIVE date, sometime in January.