ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Project Meeting Minutes

August 26, 2015 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Attendees:  Vinita Bali, Sherri Mines, Chien Shih, Mahmood Hasan, Jim Clow,  Linda Koyama

  1. Since the project is picking up speed, we hope that the functional users from the international student offices from both colleges will commit to coming to future meetings.  If they cannot make it, we hope they will send a substitute.

  2. Matt Reynolds sent a tentative site visit agenda for his visit on October 19-21, 2015 (Linda will post on the project website).

  3. Based on the conference call with Matt Reynolds, Chien wanted to go over a few items.

  4. According to Matt, the estimated implementation timeline for an institution the size and complexity of our district is  6-8 months from the initial kick off meeting.

  5. Matt suggested to concentrate of the following items in order for his visit to be successful:
    1. The test and production instances are ready (PROD is ready; test instance will be ready by September)
    2. Make sure the system can interpret your data feed values
    3. Make sure you can communicate with the SEVIS system via batch and RTI
    4. Set up the initial campus terms and alert and email configurations
    5. Data mapping must be completed
    6. Front facing website is ready for students so that they can get documents to us
    7. Successful dry run completed, system stable so that training can be done
  6. Issues that need to be addressed:
    1. SEVIS Batch Certificates:  Sherri informed us that De Anza has a batch certificate and Foothill's has expired.  Hasan will follow up with Ryan.
    2. ColdFusion Mail Server has an issue; sending an email crashes the system.  Sherri is working with Ryan and will open up a ticket.  Hasan will follow up.
    3. SSO:  Sometimes after Sherri and Jim enters their credentials, nothing happens.  Hasan will ask ETS' Matt to look into it.
    4. Sherri did a preliminary data feed test this morning and encountered errors; she submitted a ticket with Sunapsis.
    5. Two patches still need to be applied before Matt comes.
    6. Ticket has been submitted because Sherri had difficulty deleting a student's profile.
  7. Matt will not do any testing or training on e-forms or internal workflow during his visit. A thru Z testing will happen after his visit.

  8. Sherri is hoping that the notes from FSAAtlas and Louise can be moved to Sunapsis (not in the original scope). It could be loaded similar to the majors load, in a comma-separated file.

  9. Hasan went through the checklist to show what has been completed and what is in progress (link to the checklist available on the project website).

    1. Under 2. IT Office:  Encryption Setup, the encryption of the Sunapsis database cannot happen until Matt certifies the system.

    2. Under 3. International Office:  Preparation for SEVIS Data Conversion, the file to map the Student name, student ID number and SEVIS ID number cannot be generated until the Friday before Matt's arrival due to the continuous enrollment nature of the international office.  Matt uses this file to import the live SEVIS data into Sunapsis.

    3.  Under 3. International Office:  Application Configuration,
      1. Configure SEVIS information will be done by Sherri and Ryan.
      2. Configure alert information-Data needs to be loaded into the system before alerts can be configured
      3. Configure email information-Ryan is investigating
    4. Under 3. International Office: Site Visit Preparation 
      1. What should be included in Matt's training has been finalized
  10. Sherri and Jim will send Linda a list of invitees for Matt's training.

  11. Matt suggested that e-forms and customized workflow should be worked on after everything on the checklist is complete and the system has been tested and is stable.

  12. Omniupdate Forms training is scheduled next week.  Intake form is changing; hopefully will be finalized in a week.  Estimate turn around time to have the form ready is 1-2 weeks after training. 

  13. Sherri will have the preliminary specs for the admissions data to create the CCCApply clone to feed into Banner ready by next week for review; once approved, will forward to Lee.  Lee's schedule has opened up and is available.

  14. Sherri requested to move the September 9th meeting to September 10th at 9:30 a.m.