ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Project Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2015 11:00 a.m.-noon


Attendees:  Joseph Ng remotely, Vinita Bali, Sherri Mines, Jerrick Woo, Jim Clow,  Katia Rostam Yazdi, Linda Koyama

  1. The latest upgrade has been installed (3.2.2) on the production instance.  One more bug fix scheduled in August and most likely one more at a later date due to SEVIS system bug fixes.

  2. The nightly cron job will be scheduled for 5 a.m. for both Foothill and De Anza.

  3. Once the servers are verified, Jim will send Sherri an F1 XML file.  

  4. Sunapsis validation tables will need to be verified.

  5. Majors are almost ready to go; should be ready to load by Thursday (8/6).  Sherri is waiting for clarification whether we can load them all together or if it needs to be done separately for each college.  She has the direction on how to upload them from a CSV file into the tables. 

  6. Ryan and Katia are working on the test instance.

  7. A conference for Technical and Functional users is being held in October.  Hopefully someone from ETS will be able to attend.  Sherri has copies of the conference schedule from last year as an example of sessions offered.

  8. Site visit on October 19-21st.  They plan to:
    1. Verify the production system
    2. Validate the SEVIS imports
    3. Validate the Banner imports
    4. If time allows, provide some training
  9. Omniupdate:  Omniupdate is still waiting for the P.O. A meeting with Omniupdate will be scheduled next week  to discuss the server requirements for the forms module.  Katia will be designing the intake form; it still needs to be determined if the web masters from both colleges will be maintaining the form.  Terms and dates will need to be updated on an ongoing basis.

  10. 85% of the e-forms are complete for the look and feel.  Once it has been approved by both colleges, Sherri will start working on the back end.

  11. Lee has some availability in October; Chien will need to lock in his availability.  Lee will be working on the download the intake form to retrieve or create the CWID from Banner.  He will also be using the e-form to create an application process that will be inserted into Banner.
  12. Touchnet Marketplace demo was held 7/29/15:  No decision at this time.  De Anza may not use it.  For now, we will continue to use the paper forms for shipping and application fees.  Bernata from Foothill is determined to find some payment solution, whether it is Campus Marketplace or something else; it  may be a part of phase II.  They are waiting for a quote.  Both cashier offices have different policies for processing the current paper forms.  If we do implement Campus Marketplace, the plan is for the Sunapsis application to include a link to each college's International Office Marketplace site.

  13. Phase II modifications:
    1. (target fall 2016) Electronic TOEFL scores would need to be uploaded directly into Sunapsis.   Currently it does not go into Banner since the scores cannot be used to determine placement. Other Sunapsis schools have already implemented the upload.  
    2. For Foothill, high school transcripts are scanned into a secure server which are shared with academic counselors; they are in the process of moving to BDMS (De Anza's transcripts are scanned through A & R directly into BDMS.)   Years of history need to be moved to BDMS, number of years to be determined.

  14. There will be images that need to show up on e-forms, i.e. copies of I-20s or passports with the information needed circled.  Katia said that the images can be uploaded on a location on a server that could be accessed by Sunapsis.

  15. Sherri e-mailed a copy of the mock up of the intake form to everyone on July 15th.