ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Project Meeting Minutes

July 7, 2016 10-11 am

Attendees:   Lee McDonald, Sherri Mines, Joseph Ng and Rob Mieso remotely,  Mahmood Hasan, Katia Rostam Yazdi,  Linda Koyama


Status Update

    1. Sunapsis upgrade 3.4 has been installed in the test environment.  Everything Sherri was able to test worked well. It will need to be installed in PROD on Monday morning, before 11 am;  Katia plans to start around 9 am (it took a couple of hours to install in test).  Joseph will inform his staff and Sherri will notify Foothill staff that there will be no access Monday morning.  Katia will notify Joseph when the upgrade is done.  Joseph will send an email or alert by phone to staff when the system is up.  Sevis will be installing their massive upgrade starting Friday night, July 8th and working through the weekend.  Sunapsis 3.4 will need to be in production so that we can work with the new Sevis environment.  
    2. Sherri hasn't had a chance to test in the last couple of weeks.  When she returns from vacation, she will test the admitted students back to Banner portion in PRODN.  
    3. Hasan created a data load area and will pass on the account name, password and directory when we meet next time.
    4. Sherri will submit a KACE ticket when she needs to delete records in certain tables and Katia or Chris can take care of it.  She'll put in the ticket once she returns.
    5. Week of July 25th, Hasan will be on vacation.  The major Sunapsis 3.5 upgrade for bug fixes and enhancements will be installed in the test system the week of the 25th (it should be available now).  Sherri would like it up and running by mid-August.
    6. No changes at this point for the targeted Go Live schedule.   No students applied for fall through Sunapsis since the window is already closed.
    7. They are very happy with the Sunapsis System in production with current students.  Sometimes the system is slow and occasionally there are lockout issues; Sherri thinks it might be a general network issue since this happens to her on other applications sometimes.  If it happens persistently, Joseph will let ETS know.
    8. Sherri will send an email to Lee for any outstanding issues.
    9. Next meeting will be scheduled the third week of August.