ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Project Meeting Minutes

July 1, 2015 2-3 p.m.


Attendees: Nazy Galoyan remotely, Vinita Bali, Sherri Mines, Joe Moreau,  Chien Shih, Mahmood Hasan, Jerrick Woo, Jim Clow,  Deepa Prasad,  Linda Koyama

  1. Decision was made not to attend the State Chancellor's steering committee meeting June 30thS
    1. State Chancellor's office informed us prior to the meeting that there would be no time to discuss our issues
    2. Instead, a subcommittee will be formed at a future date.
    3. Will not fit in our timeline
  2. Decision was made by ETS and ISO to design an intake form in-house
    1. The form needs to have a common look and feel for both colleges 
    2. It needs to reside in the college's webpages
    3. It will gather a small amount of  bio data for an intial search in Banner
    4. It needs to work well with the future platform (Omniupdate) for both colleges
    5. The captured data needs to be secure and able to interface with Banner
    6. Plan is to have Omniupdate install their forms module that utilizes a secure MySql database
  3. Sunapsis e-forms will be created for the rest of the application information  

  4. Timeline:
    1. Production Sunapsis installation has been completed
    2. Working on the installation test instance (Waiting for PO for the SQL server database and ColdFusion)

    3. Major update to Sunapsis needs to be applied which will change the Banner and  Sevis feed (target the next two weeks)
    4. By early October, front end matching with Banner and initial import into Sunapsis will be completed
    5. October Site visit by the Sunapsis team.  They will:
      1. Certify the setup configuration
      2. Verify the Sevis connection
      3. Verify the data feed from Banner
      4. Will load all current students from SEVIS into Sunapsis  
      5. Provide basic training
    6. Complete the course integration with Banner into Sunapsis
    7. Complete the Sevis technical configuration
    8. Complete the internal set-up in Sunapsis   for testing by Oct/Nov timeframe
    9. Complete the interface back into Banner
    10. ISO will provide test students for testing
    11. Goal is to go live in January for spring for new and continuing students (half will be in the old system and half in the new)  All the spring students will be done by mid-March and soon after fall begins
    12. Once the Touchnet Marketplace is available, would like the ability for students to make payments outside of Banner
  5. Sherri will be the functional lead and on-site expert for Sunapsis.

  6. The international student office will pay for Lee McDonald's services and ETS will serve as the interface with Lee.  ETS will ask Lee for an estimate of the cost of his services.

  7. Testing for the back end data load from Sunapsis to Banner will start after the upgrade.

  8. The project website was reviewed.  Under project scope:
    1. Change # 5 to Banner student record update upon admission
    2. Add Banner enrollment feed into Sunapsis
    3. Add upload admitted and continuing students' schedules into Sunapsis
  9. Sherri showed us some of the prototyping she has completed in Sunapsis.

  10. After January, possible phase II work (not part of currrent scope)
    1. Agent management
    2. Health insurance module
    3. Orientation management
  11. Sherri will come up with a skeleton project plan for phase II with tentative dates. 
  12. Document management using BDMS:  A & R would be getting copies of transcripts once they are admitted.  Possibly in the future, once the documents are scanned into Sunapsis, it can be passed to BDMS electronically.

  13. Linda will schedule team meetings every two weeks on Wednesdays from 2-3 p.m.