ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Project Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2016 2-3 pm

Attendees:   Lee McDonald remotely, Sherri Mines, Mahmood Hasan, Katia Rostam Yazdi,  Linda Koyama

  1. Status Update
      1. After the PRODN refresh, Sherri had some issues when trying to clear students.  When she pushed the process  button, she was still getting an error but this morning it was cleared.  Lee will look into it.  After corrrecting legitimate errors, the student's records didn't move on.  
      2. No plans to refresh PRODN in the near future until at least through the end of the month.
      3. Hasan verified that we have the same versions of the forms are in TST8, PROD, and PRODN.   Lee will remember to update the version number.
      4. Sherri will submit another batch after Lee looks into the problems.
      5. No update from Sunapsis support on Sherri's open ticket.
  2. Next Upgrades
      1. A massive Sevis upgrade is coming.  Sunapsis will follow two weeks later with an upgrade with other fixes and new features.  Sunapsis wants to make sure that the Sevis upgrade is working properly before releasing the Sunapsis upgrade. The government has pushed the Sevis upgrade out two weeks; unfortunately Sherri will be on vacation.  
      2. Timing:  Sherri can test the Sevis upgrade in test after July 1st but someone else will need to verify it in production.  
      3. Sevis will take down the system on Friday, at 4 pm, July 8th.  It will come up Monday, July 11th.  The Sevis upgrade can be installed anytime after 4 pm until Monday morning.  Katia plans to do it Monday morning before 11 am.  We need to install Sunapsis 3.4 the morning of July 11th.  
      4. Sherri will make sure that everyone is off of Sunapsis between the 8th and the 11th.  Two weeks later Sunapsis will be released for new features and bug fixes.  
      5. Sherri will update Joseph regarding the timing of the upgrade and required certification.  Sherri is available by cell phone until the 13th.
      6. Tentatively there will be another Sevis upgrade 3.5 sometime in July.  We will put it in test after Sherri's return (after July 25th).
  3. Two possible requests
      1. There's been concerns that students may try to upload a document that is too big.  There is a setting in ColdFusion to increase the maximum size to 2 megabytes.  Once it's changed, Sherri will test it.
      2. There are complaints from the testers that the intake form is called "intakeform.html".  They would like it  changed to "internationalstart.html".
      3. Sherri is collecting comments from the testers.  Sherri will aggregate them and present possible changes.
  4. Sherri is asking if anyone is familiar with email html in ETS.  Some of Sunapsis' automated emails' formatting is not coming out correctly.  The spacing between paragraphs is different and the fonts are different.   Katia will do some research and testing.  Sherri was copying and pasting from Filemaker.
  5. De Anza is in the process of hiring more staff.
  6. Testers include students and contracted recruiters in India and Africa that have come to Foothill and De Anza for training. landing page is not available to the public yet.  Instructions are in pdfs currently.  
  7. Target dates are still the same.  Sherri anticipates another upgrade in end of September and mid-December.  Chris will work with Katia on the upgrades.
  8. Job automation needs to be in place by August.  Sherri still needs a data load area for the CSV file of admitted students.
  9. Another meeting will be scheduled on July 7th @ 11 am, dependent on Lee's availability.