ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Project Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2015 9:30-10:30 a.m.


Attendees: Patricia Donahue and Tim Calhoun remotely from the State Chancellor's office, Vinita Bali and Sherri Mines remotely at De Anza, Sheila White Daniels, Joseph Ng, Chien Shih, Mahmood Hasan, Jim Clow,  Deepa Prasad,  Linda Koyama

  1. Two parts to an application in Sunapsis 
    1. Student's biographical information capturing, copies of their transcripts etc.; we need to build from scratch. 
    2. Information for Immigration and Homeland Security:  Financial documents, parent/guardian info, if they're currently in the U.S. studying, Sevis info; capturing this info  is prebuilt in Sunapsis. The students enter most of the information; after students upload the necessary documents, staff will enter  info from these documents.
  2. Gap analysis may be helpful to compare the Open CCCApply International Application and Sunapsis.
  3. The committee reviewed the feedback on key issues (subset of issues) on the OpenCCCApply International Application Comments and Issues  document.
    1. The next steering committee meeting, which happens quarterly, will be held on June 22nd.  We will know after that meeting which items have been approved.  It will then be determined how much of the approved changes can be incorporated in the Sept. 1st roll out.  Some of the items discussed are summarized below:
    2. Hover Help:  The State Chancellor's Office is currently working on accessibility compliance requirements .  Updated document available and will be sent by Patricia.
    3. Enrollment Information SectionSome schools are authorized to award certificates and some are not.  Drop down lists can be modified according to Tim;  he encourages participation on the steering committee to affect change (may take months though).   A submission rule can be used with a pop up message to stop our students. 
    4. Account/Address Information Section:  Changes being incorporated.
    5. Gender section:  Removing "decline to state" will most likely be approved.
    6. AB620 Gender identity/Sexual Orientation question was discussed by the steering committee and there did not seem to be a need for this question.  
    7. Contact section, additional phone and fax number and text changes:  Patricia couldn't  see a reason it wouldn't be approved.  
    8. Emergency contact and parent/guardian contact information:  They are asking us to provide exact verbiage that you would like to see.
    9. Education Section:  Date is very confusing for students and requires a lot of coaching.  Replacing "Your enrollment status as of winter 2015" instead of "Your enrollment status as of 01/04/15" would be very helpful.  
    10. Entry level/enrollment status:  Change "Entry level" to "College Enrollment Status".  Pending steering committee approval.
    11. Secondary/High School Education:  Changing  to "Received U.S. high school diploma" is pending steering committee approval.
    12. Visa/Dependents Section:  The drop down visa type have all of them listed.  No distinguishing between having a tourist visa in the US or a tourist visa in their home country.  An explanation visa label could be added above the drop down.  Pending steering committee review.  
    13. SEVIS section:  No need to worry about CPT students, according to Joseph.
    14. Submit Application Section: Pending steering committee. After submitting, no problem doing a URL redirect.
  4. All items are on the list for steering committee to review.  If the text changes are approved, Patty doesn't see any reason why it can't be part of the Sept. 1st roll out. Alll changes requires to be translated to Spanish and accessibility acceptance testing.  If we want to add to this list, please send to Patty, preferrably with exact wording.   
  5.  It may be possible to convene a steering committee meeting earlier than June 22nd.  Tim  and Patty need to meet to discuss.  If not possible, they highly encourage someone from FHDA to attend the June 22nd meeting remotely or in person.  We will know instantly about the steering committee decisions.
  6. Vinita, Sherri (not available on June 22nd) and Joseph are willing to serve on the steering committee.
  7. If the ISO would like ETS to replicate the intake form with all the data collection that the OpenCCCApply appication is doing, we would need map out the development process, taking into account accessibility and responsive design, with very clear specifications which will take time.
  8. One page form, laid out by Sherri, is simple and easy to do.  The OpenCCCApply intake application would be a superset of this form and ETS is recommending to seriously consider this OpenCCCApply option and to see the outcome of the upcoming steering committee meeting.
  9. Patty and Tim will send us the meeting information.