ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Project Meeting Minutes

May 17, 2016 2-3 pm

Attendees:   Vinita Bali, Sherri Mines, Mahmood Hasan, Katia Rostam Yazdi, Chris Dubeau, Linda Koyama

  1. Database instance for testing:  Due to the multiple refreshes of TST8 for COLA testing, we will be moving to PRODN.  Lee will verify his access.  Sherri was getting the error message, "unable to perform query".  Lee will investigate.  
  2. Issues:
      1. There were issues with the two forms SGASADD and SAADCRV. Sherri will forward the E-mail from May 4th to Lee which details the problems.  
      2. Common matching issues:  Error message claimed that the student had the same last name and birthdate but it wasn't true.
      3. Error message "Foreign state or province is too long" and is referencing a code".  Lee will look into it.  Sherri said that the foreign state is not needed in Banner for the first part of the intake form as long as it's in the Oracle table and comes over on the XML.
  3. In the past couple of weeks, there have been people testing as students.  Three suggestions for improvements will be passed on to Katia.  She will make the updates and pass on to Sherri for approval, including adding large, bold text right before the submit button to let them know that an confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours.
  4. Katia confirmed that the current link will be the production link.
  5. Sherri is currently designing the page that will be passed on to the webmaster, Bradley.
  6. Everything is on track, as long as the issues with Lee can be resolved.  Starting in June, a pilot group from overseas will test it and give feedback, with the goal of opening up in September for winter quarter.
  7. The admitted students report is still being handled manually by Sherri.  Sunapsis is still looking into it.
  8. FSA Atlas and Louise will need to stay around for a minimum of three years.  The data can be moved to VM, as long as it is accessible.
  9. Take away items:
      1. Katia will push through the last batch of intake students and admitted students in PRODN; Sherri will send Katia the files.
      2. The jobs, nightly feed and data load area will be set up as we get closer to production.
      3. Major SEVIS and Sunapsis upgrade will be available around June 17th.  Katia and Chris will apply it in test to see how long it will take.  It needs to be applied the evening of the 24th or the morning on the 27th.  Sherri will email the dates to Katia.  A minor patch will need to be applied prior to the major patch; Sherri will work with Katia on the upgrade schedule. 
      4. For the first round of testing, the only terms in the drop down should be fall 2016 terms.  Katia will change it today.  Hasan had asked Chris to think of a solution to automatically update the terms.  (The terms for both colleges will come up at the same time but will be taken down at different times.)
      5. We will schedule another meeting on June 14th @ 2 pm.