ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Project Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2016 10:30-11:30 am

Attendees:   Lee McDonald remotely; Sherri Mines, Chien Shih, Jim Clow, Katia Rostam Yazdi, Linda Koyama

  1. Project Status:
      1. Sherri needs to run another group of students through the admitted students to Banner application process due to the changes Lee has made recently.  Sherri will let Lee know when the batch will be ready (late this week).

      2. Lee will be moving his changes to PROD and will notify us when they've been moved.

      3. On the production side, automatic emails were successfully sent for students under 12 units.  They were pulling the Banner email and putting it in the  primary and secondary emails. The automatic emails are sent to both so students received two emails.  Jim and Sherri will take a look at it.

      4. Sherri created more test students to go into the Sunapsis admission check list. She received strange error messages that the document was already in review or they did not have permission to be on this checklist, both which were untrue.  Sherri contacted Sunapsis.  She tried it again at home and received the same error messages but when she ran it in her office, it ran successfully.   Katia was able to run it successfully also.  Sherri is waiting to hear back from Sunapsis (maybe something was reset on their side?).

      5. Sherri verified that the trigger for a student to be included in the student.xml daily Banner download is that the student must be enrolled in at least one course (course based, not unit based).

      6. TST8 will not be refreshed until after Hasan returns.

      7. Occasionally an instructor or administrator will do an administrative add or administrative drop after census but backdate it before the census.  It doesn't show up on the enrollment report.  They will be handled manually for now.

      8. Future Upgrades:  We don't have a schedule from Sunapsis for upgrades since Sevis has not published a schedule yet; it is planned for sometime in May or June.  Sevis does not commit to the upgrade date until roughly 30 days before.  It will be applied to test first and then moved to production.  We do not know what they plan to change at this time.  We will need to determine if we should put the changes in production for the fall quarter enrollment.  There will be another update in the fall.  
      9. Included in the move to production:
          1. Intake form
          2. Common matching
          3. Sunapsis application
          4. Common matching
          5. Added students into Banner (will be ready for 2017 winter enrollment)
      10. Fall 2016 student applicants who were selected to apply on-line can do self-service on their application in Sunapsis.

      11. For De Anza, Sherri is in communication with Joseph periodically, giving him updates.  Testing has included both De Anza and Foothill students. 

      12. Sherri has not received confirmation that  the transgender and sexual orientation data is required for the international application.  For now it will not be included in the Sunapsis application.  Sherri researched the actual bill and found that it is not asked for students under 18 and only mandated for UCs.  If changes are needed in the future, the output form will need to be modified and updated in Banner (the Banner fields have not yet been defined).