ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Project Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2015 1:30-2:30 p.m.


Participants:  Sherri Mines,  Mahmood Hasan, Jim Clow, Deepa Prasad, Linda Koyama

  1. Current Process:
    1. A prospective international applicant will fill out a paper application with basic biographical information (name, DOB, gender, etc.). At FH, the applicant's info will be entered in a Filemaker database; at DA, it is kept in an excel spreadsheet.
    2. The international office (IO) checks Banner to see if the student has applied before.  If it is a new student, an application fees is assessed, an e-mail is sent.  At De Anza they manually create a charge and payment against individual student accounts. FH payment deposits payments into an account at the cashier office, and in the notes they enter  the student names and IDs. Payments are processed a couple of times a week. 
    3. Half of the students are admitted in six months; others may take up to two years (There are special partnerships with English language schools and private high schools where the student is given conditional admission).
    4. If they are already in Banner, the student's paper file is pulled and reviewed and needed updated items for admission are determined.  If they are not in Banner, the basic information is entered via SPAIDEN.
    5. There is a minimum requirement for English, which is not stored in Banner (there are assessment tests in their own country and the testing company sends the results).  High school and any college transcripts, and proof of funding source (bank statements) are also required.  FHDA is required to let them know the estimated cost of attendance for one year for a full-time student (required minimum 12 units/term).
    6. Once requirements are met, they are admitted and an admission packet (including instructions on how to apply for a visa, info about orientation and assessment testing at FHDA, CWID and instructions regarding myportal and  initial password setup)  is sent by DHL or Federal Express,(shipping fee charged for overseas shipments).  The  international office goes into Sevis to create an I-20 (10 to 30 minutes).Sunapsis will  replace fasAtlas. Admission packet includes directions with CWID on how to log into MyPortal to set up password.
    7. Then data entry is done into Banner. (SPAIDEN, SAAADMS, SAADCRV-pushes application into admission).  GOAINTL code visa and dept. state info GOASVES bridge to fsaatlas, SGASDD-attributes to trigger international fees and health insurance charges.  At this point they are officially admitted into Banner.  On SFARGRP,  A & R gives the international office a code to enter which drives the time tickets.
    8. International students are allowed to  enter country 30 days before start of class.  They take part in three full day orientation  plus one day of counseling workshops to help them register for classes.  
    9. Must track if they remain full time, can take only one on-line class, must check GPA, once census passes and the student drops a class, total units don't change in Banner.  Sherri created an APEX Argos to accurately tracks units.  If the student falls below 12 units, the student gets reported and I-20 is canceled.  Immigration allows for some circumstances, including medical.
    10. Most students stay 2 or 3 years.
    11. They are not eligible for financial aid.
  2. Future process
    1. A short web form will be available on each college's international office website which will ask for name, biographical info and passport info, which term and which school  they would like to apply to. The webmaster at each college will create this form (Sherri has a html prototype designed already).  Info hopefully will be downloaded to a  spreadsheet or text file and sent daily to the prospective international offices.  (Avg. 6000 applications/year for both colleges).
    2. The international office would then manually review the data and determine if the student has applied before,  If not, the international office will create a Banner ID if they do not have one.  A temporary Sunapsis id will be created affixing FH + Banner ID, or DA + Banner ID   along with a Sunapsis generated pin # directing them to the Sunapsis url and limited id log in.  International Office would create a record in Sunapsis with limited data.  The student would be sent an e-mail with the Sunapsis ID and pin #.

    3. Student will complete e-forms and upload a series of documents (US transcripts must be paper copies.  International office will receive it first, scan it into Sunapsis and send paper copies to A & R for them to scan into BDM).  The international office will review each item in Sunapsis, and mark as received, approved, denied or waived.   The checklists are modifiable.  There is a e-mail capability in Sunapsis.  Will load majors from Banner as an initial setup.  Some majors will not be accepted.
    4. Admitted students info would create an xml file that mimicks CCCApply and push into Banner on a daily basis.  Lee would need to create a suspend file also.  Upon admission, the student would be sent an e-mail with their CWID, also notifying them that the admission packet is on its way. (I-20 must be hard copy).
  3. Other important items
    1. There will be one district account and both campuses will be created separately (they are separate in SEVIS, different major codes).  Majors will need to be loaded from Banner initially.  
    2. Currently growing 3 -7 % per year; once on-line web form is available, they estimate a 20% increase.
    3. Sherri is working with Lourdes for required data elements on the e-forms in Sunapsis.
    4. Sunapsis will be resides on site and is connected with SEVIS.  We will need to create a web address for Sunapsis that will be a link one each college's international webpage (ex. iPortal:, student interface for Sunapsis).  Full service from would take you to a single sign on log in page.
    5. The international student will go into Myportal to register for classes.
    6. Required data elements in Banner need to be defined.
    7. Monitoring data (class information) will need a one way feed from Banner to Sunapsis, preferably daily.  Admissions feed is required daily from Sunapsis to Banner,   Sherri can get a sample data feed from Indiana.
    8. Real time and daily batchSevis to Sunapsis feed needs to be set up also. (fsaAtlas never set up at FH).  
    9. The site visit has been confirmed for Oct. 19th-21st to check our installation, trouble shoot our SEVIS and Banner feeds, and campus set-up.  Go live internally targeted for November 16th and opening the application to the public at the end of January.
    10. Sunapsis Community website is available with sample code and technical info (Hasan has the link).
    11. We can download and do the install ourselves (on the implementation checklist).
    12. The purchase requisition has been signed for Cold Fusion which is required for our installation. 
    13. Another info session will be scheduled with Sherri on January 23rd.  Hasan will check with Chien to see if Lee McDonald needs to be included.
    14. Hasan will send Matt Reynolds a few dates for a possible tech meeting kick-off.