ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Progress Status Minutes

December 13, 2016 2-3 pm

Attendees:  Sherri Mines, Joseph Ng, Chien Shih, Mahmood Hasan, Jerrick Woo, Katia Rostam Yazdi, Linda Koyama

  1. Vinita will be on leave until January; may be longer.
  2. Sherri has very little time to devote to this project since their office is very short-staffed (she was able to spend only one hour this past week).  Sherri shared a list of all the remaining tasks to complete the project.  About 40-50 hours of dedicated time is required before we can start end-to-end testing.
  3. Template issue:  The section of the form where students enter data can be saved to the database and retrieved.  Staff entered Banner codes (i.e. education level) cannot be saved to the database or run reports off of and therefore cannot be extracted to load into Banner.  It is on the Sunapsis roadmap as a future enhancement.
  4. Possible workarounds:
    1. Chien is asking if the staff can enter the codes in Banner via the suspense form if the codes are missing.
    2. Create a new form in Sunapsis to enter the codes, flipping pages back and forth in Sunapsis to cut and paste the codes (high potential for error).
    3. Customize within Sunapsis with pop-up customized app (Sunapsis can possibly provide the tools and ETS will need to configure).
  5. Take aways
      1. Sherri will contact the west coast Sunapsis consultant to see if she can help her.
      2. We need a decision from the ISO offices if entering the codes directly into Banner will be a viable workaround until the option is available in Sunapsis.
      3. Sherri and Joseph will give us a date when we can reconvene our project meetings.