ETS: Sunapsis Project Team Meeting

 Sunapsis Progress Status Minutes

November 8, 2016 2-3 pm

Attendees:  Lee McDonald remotely; Sherri Mines, Joseph Ng, Mahmood Hasan,  Katia Rostam Yazdi, Linda Koyama

  1. Sherri will have a file for Lee to test next week.  She has been running into a few snags on the Sunapsis end and so has entered tickets with Sunapsis this week.  Once these issues are resolved, we can do end-to-end testing, which we hope to do in November.
  2. The Oracle table is not being truncated quarter after quarter.  The regular CCC admissions table is not automatically archived either according to Lee.  Sherri and Joseph would like to archive the table entries once a year.  They are required to keep records for three years after the student leaves.
  3. We updated the Confluence Sunapsis Technical Info page to determine what steps need to be automated and what time jobs need to be run.  Please refer to the Confluence doc:
  4. Sherri and Joseph will be handling the records in suspense initially; eventually it will be the responsibility of the admissions person.
  5. Hasan will have a job that will check the data load directory once a day.   He has the data load area already set up.  He will inform Sherri of the user name (dataload_sunapsis) and password. She can use WINSCP or Filezilla to upload the file.
  6. Once we know that the back end works, we can set up the automation in test.
  7. Sherri will run the Sunapsis report for both Foothill and De Anza for admitted students.
  8. For now, a ticket will be submitted to remove and add terms on the OU intake form.  Katia will investigate whether a table can be created in Banner that Sherri and/or Joseph can maintain that can update the intake form drop down automatically.  Applications for transfer students will be processed on a case by case basis.  There will probably be four terms at a time.
  9. Sherri asked Katia to change the term in test from fall 2016 to winter 2017 (201731, 201732) for end to end testing.
  10. Jerrick and Hasan will take care of changing the term in the daily Sunapsis job (student download) as part of the start of term SLA Agreement; no ticket required.
  11. Sherri has reviewed 3.5; she would like the upgrade 3.5.3 to be applied in test.  Katia will apply the upgrade 11/10/16 in the morning.
  12. Sevis has tentatively scheduled an upgrade on 12/17-12/18.  We will need to update Sunapsis in test and prod to 3.6 on 12/19 to match the Sevis upgrade, assuming they are on schedule.  They hope to release 3.6 a week before so that we can test.
  13. Sherri will add more front end testing samples including first name or last name having more than two words and other scenarios that may come up to make sure these exceptions end up in suspense.
  14. No international students have been admitted for the Dental Hygiene bachelor program for fall.  Special admits will be handled manually (i.e. radiology, pharmacy).